Wednesday, August 20, 2014

You can't fake chemistry

I have been trying to stay off the computer after work these days, there is just way too much ugly in the news.  Journalists getting decapitated by ISIS and people rioting in Missouri under the threat of the national guard, why is there so much anger and injustice in our world?  It's enough to make me want to start my very own new world, one in which we all respect our rights to be different.

Enough of all that, I am still waiting for my Dad's house to close hopefully by Friday.  My sister arrives tomorrow and we begin our send off to Dad.  Of course Cristi is going with us and it will be the first time they meet and I am so excited about that.
 A quick outfit post from last week.

 A peek at one of Cristi's cats and her neighbors chicken.
 Her gorgeous dress from the back.
 and front.
 We thought this was all kinds of hilarious.

Such a cute MG!
 I learned how to do this to my hair.
 And I realized that at 43 I can still show my tummy.
 Just a little
 I found both of these on clearance at Marshall's for less than $5 each.
I like new clothes at used prices:)

I also wanted to say what a TURD I find bloglovin to be!  I'm sure you all know this but the fact that you cannot click on other users who leave comments and go to their blog is RIDICULOUS!  I also find that half the time I can't leave comments on it, if I go straight to your blog I have no problems but through bloglovin its all kinds of CRAP!  I am in the process of begging Chris to write a new program that doesn't suck so we can all use it.  PLUS.....I am kinda sick of seeing who BLOGLOVIN is telling me is popular, they are blogs that would never interest me and they all look the SAME!

I blog as a way to share my life with others and hear about theirs in return.  It's a place to exchange ideas and inspire each other.  I want to make real connections here. One more thing, what is the best way to add your email address to your blog, it seems there is no way to directly email anyone anymore unless you already have their email address.  Sorry to sound so scattered but hey it happens!

Enjoy the rest of the week darlings!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.

Tomorrow is the big day, if all goes as planned I close on the sale of my Dad's house.  Sometimes you are just happy if everything goes smooth and so far so good.  Work has picked up again and I find the faster pace much more satisfying, no one likes being slow, especially a commission only salesperson. I had two wonderful conversations yesterday, one with Vix and the other with Shelley.   This outfit came together after I showed the top to Shelley and she suggested layering a skirt underneath.  I thought this pink slip was perfect!
 I also match my garden:)  The top I found on etsy for $20 and the slip was thrifted years ago.
I think most folks think all my hair is pink, but it's not, I'm a redhead naturally.
 Recent necklace I scored for $5.
 Can you spot Ash?

and speaking of hanging out in the garden, I'm obsessed with garden homes like these.

 Yes this rainbow conch home is where I could happily die.

I love thinking about the last home I'll ever live in, I picture it very small and out in the woods.  What if I built a whole new kind of retirement community?  I just might.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The heart will break, but the broken live on!

I'm still a bit exhausted from such a wonderful weekend.  Cristi and I worked the Alberta Street fair, which was a huge success, but we also did something else that was pretty special.  Last Friday we took out my Dad's closest friends to celebrate his life at our old breakfast spot.  It was real nice.
I wore one of my brightest dresses.
 Cristi wore a beautiful dress she made herself.
But before we hit the road we played around with this.
I think we might have woke the neighbors  since this was at like 9am.
I really do not know how Weird Al does it, I found this to be the most awkward instrument ever!  Now we were both in the perfect mood for our brunch.

Here is a picture of my dad last time we ate at The Crescent Cafe, it was the last meal we shared, and the last one he ate.
Here is the gang remembering him last Friday. Since we had no memorial this really felt like one.
 I really do love these folks.
Then on Saturday we had the street fair which started with these:)
  How cute does the booth look!
 We love getting visitors and this is our new friend Naiya that we met at the last fair.
 She hung out for a while and we shared the best fish and chips from Halibuts!

 The head cat needs to eat too.
 Another friend stopped by, Primavera and I adored what she was wearing, all thrifted of course.
 The shorts were my favorite part.
 I met a mermaid family.
 and I bought some art too

It was a wonderful day of meeting new people under the sun.  
 Next month we'll be at Belmont!
 Spreading the love!