Friday, April 15, 2011

Fridays and My PEETEE

Since I work a somewhat regular work week I really look forward to Friday. It is the best day of the week! I want to make Friday's even better by writing about something I love. It can be anything, anyone, any place just anything as long as I love it. Today I'm going to write about my dog Peetee.

Let's face it, everyone knows I love my little Peetee. I got him in 2004 when living in Hollywood. Can you believe that he and his sister were doomed to die at only 3 months :( I adopted him through a dog rescue group called Ruff Rider Rescue. I saved him as much as he has saved me over the years.

He's a pretty funny looking dog, quite unique. My father-in-law put it best, "Peetee looks like he's made with spare parts and not all of them dog." You can imagine how happy and surprised I was when I saw this dog. Peetee was delighted.

Here is a picture of Peetee's Sister

Here is Peetee at the same age

I love you Peetee, thanks for always being there when I need you.


Kathi said...

Awww...Peetee! You don't look the same without your pink hair!

Krista said...

I know huh...BORING!!!!!

Brianna said...

He is so cute! I think I like the pink better than the gray. ;]