Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This morning feels strange. I listened to Chris Issac's Wicked Game....that must be it. Typical Spring here in Oregon. The ground is wet as it rained most of the night, everything is bright, green and refreshed. Coffee is brewing, heater still cranked and Peetee sitting next to me on the sofa watching me type, Chris still in bed. We all have our morning routines :)

Since next month is Mother's Day I thought I should post some things perfect for the mother in your life. Mom's are important and almost always under appreciated. It takes a grown up heart to realize all the sacrifices Mom's make for us. I love mine and I also loves all the Mom's in my life. Here's to you ladies!

This one is perfect for my Mom who loves pottery. Check out the store Neal Pottery

This one is perfect for my mother-in-law Patrice, she could put her Kindle in it. Found at the Yummi Shop

This is for my baby sister who loves the BLING. It can be found at Punk Infanta Creations.

I think I will continue this post tomorrow and add some more Mom's I love!!!

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