Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More for Mom's

I thought I'd make this a two parter since I have a lot of Mom's in my life. Most of my friends are Mom's and they do a fabulous job. It's been pretty wonderful watching my best friend Kristi raising her two girls and finding her way as a new Mom. Then I have my friend Kathi, who has two amazing older kids. She blows me away! She home schools her kids, blogs, works, and cooks for her family pretty much everyday. Kathi I don't know how you do it, but you amaze me!!! I also have another Mom in my life that is pretty fabulous, her name is Mary Ann. Mary Ann is raising a son and daughter. Her son was born premature, and required a lot of extra care as an infant. She has poured her soul into that boy and I am happy to report he is big and beautiful now.

Here are some gift ideas for your friends that are Mom's on Mother's Day.

I would love to get this for Kristi...she knows why. You can find it at Giddy Spinster.

I can just see Kristi wearing this as she whips up some French Dips. I found this at Urban Vintage.

Now for my dear friend Kathi, she is a bit more difficult since she never seems to want anything (and Denzel is unavailable). I picked this ring for it's bright color, I think she might dig it. Found at Purple Cactus Studios.

Ok this next one is more of a joke as I know she would never wear, but wow aren't they cool?!?! I found these at a shop called Kioskofoli

Next is my lil Mary Ann. I think this would look great in her kitchen. I found it at Bragging Bags.

She would look gorgeous in this. Found at My Universe, My Dress World.


Kathi said...

I think I could rock those boots! (I think)

Shaffelnook said...

Love those boots! Paisley is my "thing"! x