Friday, April 8, 2011

Time Rolls On

I thought it would be funny to post some pictures of Peetee and I over the years. Wow we both have had some funny hair.
This is after I first brought him home in Los Angeles 2003. He is a rescue dog, we saved each other.

He is trying to figure out if he likes me.

I think he had his doubts after this :)

Maybe not :)

He never really liked these bike rides.

This is us in 2006 right after moving from Los Angeles to Portland OR. I miss my tan!

Peetee's first time in snow and my second time.
"OMG what is this crap?!?!"

"Put me down!!!"

Ta da!!!!!

I'll end things with this photo. Peetee and his buddy Zoe, our cat.

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