Monday, May 16, 2011

Before and After

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dying my friend's daughter's hair for her 14th birthday. She wanted it to look like this gal's.

I was a little nervous as I really didn't want her to have Ronanld McDonald red so I chose not to bleach it first instead we dyed it a nice red and then applied the Manic Panic. Here is the before of Brianna;

And the beautiful AFTER

Even though Chris and I have no children of our own, I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful kids in our life. I hope that as all these children grow up I can continue be a positive part of their lives. Happy Birthday my little Brianna!!!!


Misfits Vintage said...

YAY! Brianna looks AWESOME! It's such a fun/angsty age and girls need to really try new things and figure out what makes them happy about their own appearance in their teens... how fantastic that your beautiful Brianna has you to help her try out this fun stuff!

My three year old niece requested pink hair a few months ago. Here's what I did:

You are a rockin' aunty/friend!

Sarah xxx

Kathi said...

I'll have you know that you have the ability to nurture and care for kids no matter who they are. For that, you rock! We are honored to have you a part of our lives.

Love ya! Kathi

Krista said...

Thanks Kathi that is super sweet.