Monday, May 2, 2011

Gorgeous Weekend

Finally two days of pure warm sun shiny bliss. This weekend was so beautiful and I spent most of my time outside sucking up as much Vitamin D as my body could hold. Saturday I hung out with my hubby Chris and managed to drag him to two estate sales. I found a couple cute glass Fenton animals.

After that we had a nice lunch and took Peetee for a walk down by the pond. People come out in droves when it's beautiful here. I also managed a trip out to one of my favorite nurseries and got a few new plants for the front yard. Last night some friends came over and we had a picnic on the front was awesome. I love you more Oregon when the suns out!


cb said...

aww yes the season of estate sales and garage sales are upon us...pure heavenly bliss especially when the weather is nice, makes it that much sweeter!


Krista said...

Ah yes how I have missed the sun!

VainGlorySinner said...

Absolutely love the Deer! Great find! xxx