Friday, May 27, 2011

My feet want these

One of the things I miss most about warm weather are the wide range of shoes I can wear. When I lived in San Diego I sported open toe shoes almost year round. I remember being a teen and thinking how dumb it was I had to wear shoes at all, what was I thinking. Shoes, just like anything else you put on, can say a lot about you. Here are some shoes I simply LOVE!!!

A nude wedge is a must have this season. I bought a pair similar to this and I can't wait to pair them with my new sun dresses. This shoe says, "I am paying attention to what's hot this season!"

These say, "I'll be going to Maui in September."

These say, "Keep dreaming Krista at $675 you will never be able to afford me."

One of my favorite designers of shoes is Vivienne Westwood. I own nothing by her but hope to some day.

These are the pair I have been lusting after!

Here she is, hmmmmmm, me in 30 more years?

And totally unrelated to her ^ I just bought this pair, straight from the factory in Korea....pray they fit!!!!

I love me some shoes!!!


Brian said...

I love me some shoes too but can't see sporting any of these this season ;-) - the last pair is my favorite of them all.

Brianna said...

I LOVE those wedges at the top!

Misfits Vintage said...

The VW Melissas seem to be quite affordable - and they are supremely squishy!

I love those pink and white oxfords - can't wait to see you in them!

Sarah xxx