Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I love...Going to Concerts

I have always LOVED going to concerts. I think music, especially played live with a crowd of like minded individuals can be a very powerful thing to be a part of. If it's a really killer show you become one with the audience and the performer and you are truly in the moment (a simple task so difficult to achieve in our day to day lives). Anyway there is nothing as wonderful as going to a show and...

Last night I had a chance to see the Scottish band Mogwai preform for the second time in my life. Their music is described as math rock or instrumental metal, either way you slice it these guys are pretty incredible. The place was packed and the crowd was "interesting" as was the bands setlist which included lot's of distortion, crazy lights and introspection. It was a really nice night out with the Chris's :) We even hit the Taco Bell drive through at midnight on the way home.

Here are some pictures, not from the show I went to, but of the band.

Sit back close your eyes and have a listen. It's quite nice.

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