Friday, June 17, 2011

Another thing I love BOOPSIE DAISY

My name is Krista and I am an Etsy junkie, no I am.  I love buying right from the hands that made it.  There is such diversity on Etsy, I am constantly finding new and wonderful artists making the most unique creations.  A few months ago I emailed a gal named Missy, Boopsie Daisy, hoping to get one of her magical dolls made to look like me.  She happily agreed and yesterday she sent me pictures on her all finished up.  EEEK!!!!!  She is so cute I cannot wait to hold her.

I must tell you that the few emails we exchanged back and forth were mind blowing.  Missy is one of the sweetest gals I have ever come across.  Her caring and kind personality dance playfully in her words.  I want to come all the way to Canada and give you the biggest hug!  Here are the pictures she took of Sherbert (my alter ego).  Once I have her in my hot little hands I will post more pictures.  I'm already thinking she will need a friend :)

I look pretty adorable in doll form huh?  Here are some other dolls she has made over the years.  I want them all!

I'm pretty sure the world is better for having her dolls in them.  Check out her shop!  If you don't want a doll she sells the most colorful prints of various dollies.  I have a feeling her house is a magic castle way up in the clouds.


Kristi said...

I love her!!! Boopsie Daisy is totally could she not be?? Made with love by talented hands and modeled after a living doll...she was destined to be precious! I really LOVE the pictures she took!! The one on the curb is just brilliant! Very cool. You artsy folk just amaze me. Thanks again for a wonderful birthday, I had a blast. You ROCK!!!

Brian said...

She is perfect! Totally you.

Heliotrope Tree House said...

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It was so great hearing from you. Seems like we have a lot in common. Wow! Another 40 year old beauty who is still rockin' her own style...Yay! So happy to hear it. People have this strange notion that when you turn 40 you have to turn into Old Mother Hubbard or somethin' I say POO, POO to them! I lived in Portland for three years from '93 to '96, "the grunge years..." It was wild and I loved every second of living in the Pacific NW...But I am a New Yorker through and through...I was homesick :( You are awesome!!!!

Danielleorama said...

Oooo Boopsie Daisy! I'm getting ready to hang a new print from her shop, finally found the perfect fram :D