Friday, June 3, 2011

Another thing I love CELLDWELLER

One of my favorite things about my husband Chris is all the new music he has introduced me too.  The list is as long as it is diverse.  He really is a metal head at heart but has a deep love for techno, probably because he loves technology.  One of the more interesting musicians he has shared with me is Celldweller.  You might have already heard his music and didn't even know it as he has done music for movies and video games.  Currently he is on tour on the west coast, nowhere near Portland, OR so we are kinda bummed but happy to see him getting out and spreading his music.  Give him a listen I bet you will be mesmerized.  He is quite the eye candy too :)

This is one of his newer songs called So Long Sentiment....I LOVE IT!!!!!

This is an older song but still one of my favorites, SWITCHBACK.

If you like any of his stuff please support him by buying a track.  Check out his music store FIXTSTORE.

NOW I am proud to say I am ditching work and heading to the beach for the first gorgeous weekend of the year!!!!  Woo woo, beer check, crafty supplies check, Peetee check, Chris check.  Later!!!!!

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Brian said...

I thank you both for introducing me to his music as well. Love Switchback!

Have fun at the beach!