Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comfy Clothes

Those who know me would agree that I love clothes, and cute comfy clothes are even better.  Since I work from my home office I migrate between my pj's and workout clothes, depending on the season I might just wear sweats all day long (I know).   I just stumbled upon a designer I totally dig Yvette Mandell.  She has mastered adorable lounge or in my case work wear :)

Shorts are made by H&M, and I just bought them, super cozy and I love the color combo.

Here are some of my favorites found on etsy!

I love the shape of this top and the flowers are just a perfect addition.  Made by Stadkind Potsdam in Germany.

These are both so funky and they look super comfy.  Made by db.

I love this strawberry top made by Smarmy Clothes.  This chick has skills!!!

What do you like to lounge in?


Vix said...

They are so you! I love them all. If I had loads of money I'd buy them for you just 'cos you're so damned fabulous. xxx
PS Your pet post was so cute!

Brian said...

First, I know I'm a guy and shouldn't comment on girly clothes posts but you need that Rolling Stones dress.

Second I'm still a guy and out of my zone but the sweats with the anchors on it looks like cruise wear for an old lady from New Jersey who has an obsession for Barbra Streisand.

Krista said...

Brian you are too funny! I actually have one of her jogging suits but it is pink with blinged out with cupcakes, is that better :)