Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First day of Summer

My absolute favorite thing about summer is that I am finally warm and I get to wear dresses.  I also love eating strawberries after dinner, drinking cold brew coffee in the morning, the pink sunsets, tending to my garden, reading in the sun, the smell of the grill, going barefoot, staying up late, and just being outside.

Here is what I wore on the first day of summer.  It was 77 degrees, finally!

I am all about these belts right now.

I better figure out how to use the remote on my camera I think Chris is getting tired of taking my picture.


Helga! said...

Eeek,pretty frock and gorgeous looking weather!
LOVE the boob shot,baby!! You're a gal after my own heart!
Ah,Summer....I do remember thee....
have a summery cocktail for me,sweets!

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous! Glad you are getting some lovely weather - and look how awesome your lawn is looking. Does that dog has something on her head?? I certainly hope so.

Sarah xxx