Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some random things about me

1) I'm naturally a redhead, which I hated as a child.  I hear that in the not so distant future there will be no more redheads :(

2) I went to college wanting to become a screenwriter and a film director, instead I sell cameras, and have a blog :)

3) I have written a full length film script about my life running a porn store, it's quite funny.  I did that for two years while in college.  I learned a lot about people during that time.

4) I have scuba dived and it was awesome!

5) I have bodysurfed with dolphins at night.

6) The voice in my head, feeling in my gut has saved my life more than once.

7) Dusk is my favorite time of the day.

8) I learned to drive on a 1959 Chevy Apache.

9) I still miss my Grandma.

10) I love long hair on guys, especially my husband Chris who's hair is long, curly and black~ MEOW!!

11) I lost family in Auschwitz.

12) I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, that was 22 years ago.

13) I got my first piercing (not ears) when I was 22.

14) In high school all I would wear was black and red.

15) I've eaten Guinea pig and I didn't like it.

16) I love to cook and do so most days.

17) I have been going to the gym regularly for the last 13 years.

18) I had my uterus removed this year.

19) Music is part of my life everyday.

20) I love VAMPIRES!

21) South America feels like home.

22) For me dancing and going to concerts is the only way to truly be lost in the moment!

23) I find it very easy to love people!

24) I've been to Machu Picchu and it took my breathe away.

Tell me something random about you!  Please!!!!


Vix said...

What fabulous facts! I love finding out more about you.
Random fact about me? Mmmmm, did a nude photoshoot for Spencer Tunick, most recent band I saw was Queens Of the Stone Age and I've got a 35 year old pet tortoise. xxx

Brian said...

You know me... for the most part.

I've never been stung by a bee.

I dreamed of being an architect as a young lad.

I've been arrested once and have only got two moving violations (even though I've deserved so many more).

And... oh, you'll just have to ask me next time you see me. ;-)

Helga! said...

OOoo,so interesting!!! I'm most intrigued by your running a porn store!!!
You were asking about G and I? We've been together 19 1/2 years, and we met when we worked together in a factory in 1991!
Random facts?
I learnt to drive at age 42.
I once worked on a porn phoneline in London!
I really like lizards,but am terrified of spiders.

Kathi said...

I have not gone swimming with dolphins, but I did swim with sea turtles!

I spent a month in Thailand and had to bathe by the local watering hole. This is very awkward when you wear a sarong while bathing.

There have been two times when I truly felt scared. Once was on a date gone bad. If the cop had not shown up who knows what would have happened. The other time was on the Moscow subway. Scary!

VainGlorySinner said...

You are a very adventurous woman!

I'm with you on loving guys with long hair and vampires!

My mum has just had her uterus removed last week too which is one reason why I went home for 10 days just to make sure she was OK because she was told to take it easy for 8 weeks.. she's still running about like a mad woman though!

I got my first tattoo last Tuesday and I'll be having my second this Saturday!

My first (non ear) piercing was when I was 13 and that was my nose.

The weirdest thing I have ever eaten is shark.. I didn't like it at all! xxx