Monday, June 27, 2011

Stepping stones

Most of my family lives in San Diego.  My sister and mom are coming up in August for a few days and I have already been planning what I want us to do.  One project I have in the works is making stepping stones with them.  I want them to each make one so I can put them in the garden and be reminded of our time spent together.  I swear I'm getting more sentimental as time goes on.  I decided to do a trial run and was surprised at how easy it was.

First you need supplies.  I bought all of this stuff at Michaels.  The stones were on sale for $2 a bag and the cement was $6, the mold another 2 bucks.

That's a glass of cold brew and it's my second glass today :)

I like how it turned out.  Now it has to sit for 48 hours.  Please don't crack.  What do you like to do when the weather gets warm?

 My new Nike gladiators testing out my stepping stone. These shoes were meant for me!

I also made a cute flower for my hair.


Helga! said...

Woohoo funky miss!!! Love the stepping stone(we call them pavers) idea! I was thinking ages ago about doing something similar with my neice & nephew but forgot about it!Maybe when the weathers warmer..
You look so CUTE in your colourful get up.I adore it!

Vix said...

You are just gorgeous! I must have a paver like that, it's so beautiful. I love your gladiators sooooo much, they suit your pretty feet a treat! x

Danielleorama said...

That stone came out awesome!
Whoa those shoes are crazy, are the super comfortable?
and I see your lalaloopsyyyyyys!