Monday, July 25, 2011

Big hug to the people of Norway

I still can't get over how one man could inflict so much pain on so many people.  The fact that he wrote a 1500 page manifesto detailing his point of view and plan of action blows my mind.   I don't want to spend any time talking about him or his cause we can all read about that in the news but I do want to show some images of how beautiful Norway is and the people who live there.  My heart is heavy for what they have endured.

Did you know that Norway:
1) Is known as the land of the midnight sun.
2) They have the second wealthiest population in the world.
3) Hydro power accounts for 99% of all power.
4) In Norway a college education is free.
5) It is the birthplace of black metal.

They are a beautiful and diverse population.

Anna K. Sokki and Per Anders Buljo received 35 reindeer as wedding gifts. 1500 people were invited to their Easter wedding in 2003, such is the life of Sami the Reindeer people of Norway.

Miss Norway 2009 Sara Skjoldnes

This is Marit Bjoergen, the quadruple Nordic World Champion from Oslo.

If you are interested there is a great documentary about the history of black metal, Until the light takes us.

I'll keep you in my prayers Norway.  


Vix said...

What a lovely post. Every Norwegian I've ever met, without exception, has been warm, friendly and funny. It's horrific to think such a peace loving nation has had to endure such a horrific ordeal.
I've just read Jo Nesbo's books, he's a Norwegian thriller writer and I really recommend them as both great entertainment and for a good insight into Norwegian culture. x

Misfits Vintage said...

Beautiful images and sentiment Krista. Isn't it some fucked up shit.

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Had no idea that Norway was so beautiful.