Thursday, July 21, 2011

Easter Bonnet in July

Yesterday the sun made some brief appearances and it was warm enough for me to ditch the sweats that I have been wearing WAY too much.  Since I also mentioned how much I love hats I thought I should show off one of my favorites.  

Its made of a sheer turquoise and light as a feather on my head.

A favorite locket of mine by Betsey Johnson.  I love almost everything she makes!

I also really like this silver flower bracelet complete with BLING!

I know this dress doesn't look like much but its super soft and feminine, perfect for just running around.  Photos taken by my sweet Chris :)


VainGlorySinner said...

Fab hat! It looks way better than some that were worn to the royal wedding!

We used to have Easter bonnet parades at my infant school I went to. My mum would make me and my brother a new hat every single year. I always had lots of ribbons, daffodils and little yellow chicks on mine!

The Betsey Johnson necklace is just too cute - I wish we had more Betsey Johnson stuff here in the UK, especially the Betseyville handbags!

Those shoes are gorgeous! xxx

Vix said...

You look absolutely adorable, you can tell that Chris and you are wildly in love!
That hat is awesome, the frock rocks and the pendant is to die for. Let's have lots more outfit shots as you are GORGEOUS! x

Nelly said...

Love the hat I have started weraing that colour alot in last few months,Looking forward to seeing more hats xx

Danielleorama said...

love LOVE love! The hat of course and the blingy flowers with the more toned down floral pattern :}