Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Redheads

I am a natural redhead and quite proud of it,  however it wasn't  always that way. When I was in grade school and even some of high school I hated my hair.  I was teased and called lil orphan Annie and I really thought boys would never like me because I was a redhead.  Over the years I have realized that being a redhead is more attitude than being born with it.  Here are some redheads real and not so real that I adore.  First is my absolute favorite Tori Amos.

I love the cover art on this comic book, all the illustrations are to Tori Amos songs and every song has a different artist's work.   I have spent many an hour looking at these pages.

No collection of redheads would be complete without this siren of the sea, Ariel.

Traci Hines is a real life mermaid.

Remember her va va voom!

Here are some random facts about redheads.
1) Red hair is a genetic mutation.
2) Scotland has the highest population of redheads at about 13%.
3) In France it is thought that to be a redhead is a very bad fate.
4) In Denmark it is an honor to have a redheaded child.
5) Only about 2% of people in the USA have natural red hair.

Life is so much better when you can love yourself as you are!

Me at my reddest!

A little mix of blonde and strawberry.

Another with a touch of pink.

And my beautiful red headed sister!


Vix said...

Red hair is beautiful, you should have put yourself in amongst those other beauties.
Do you know the Brit singer Paloma Faith? Google her when you get a minute, a truly fabulous red head. x

Vix said...

Hooray! The hottest red head of them all makes an appearance (and your beautiful sis comes a close second!) x

Nelly said...

You know I always look twice at someone with red hair as you dont see hair that colour much.My 2nd grandaughter Miss 8s dad is a red head but with Mcgregor as a last name its no surprise.I expecet she may have a red head child one day hers is a blondey/sandy colour.

Sabrina said...

I really love your super red hair- it's a great way to stand out from a mundane crowd.


Helga! said...

I'm honoured to be a faux redhead,or "ginga" as we call them in NZ! I love red hair! redheads always have such lovely,fine skin!
Tori Amos is cool!

Danielleorama said...

Youre #1, then jessica rabbit and ariel :D Peetee looks good too! hehehe

Do you have any other siblings and are they redheaded?

Maria Elba said...

woah! i love the picture of you with really red hair!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Gawd you're a gorgeous woman!!!!! I love the look of your super-red hair and your sister is a babe too:)). I was a bright red-head early last year and was really surprised at the male attention - I decided on peroxide blond though as I find it strangely easier to maintain. xoxoxo