Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inspiration is a must

We all need a little inspiration in our lives.  Maybe it comes from a song, or a full on double rainbow across the sky.  Perhaps you are my inspiration, maybe I can be yours :)  maybe just maybe we can be inspired by our connection.  These images are eye candy and make me want to make something.

I love these mixed media creations from Yesterdays Trash.

This couple is so creepy cute and the print makes me want to try watercolor.  Made by Valentina Brostean.

This is so adorable and makes me want to try and paint my kitties.  This made by Blue Giraffe Art Works.

I love these mushrooms, I wonder if I could make them.  Medusa made these.

This might find a spot in my house I love this owl light switch plate by Thimbletowne.

How much fun would it be to play around with wigs!  I love this crazy daisy look!  Made by Tiffany de Michele.

I have always enjoyed clothes as a means of self expression. Lately I have been getting a ton of inspiration from these beautiful, unique and confident women.  I love their style, their free spirit and I am so happy to have found their blogs!

First in no particular order is Vix.  She is a bohemian beauty with a funky style all her own.

So many different looks and all so her!

Second is Sarah.  She is as glamorous as any Hollywood starlet with a fierce sense of fashion.

Sarah I adore you and love seeing what magic you pull out of your closet!  

Finally is Helga.  She cracks me up with her playfulness and her total adoration for color!

Isn't she rainbow bright?  

All of these women make me want to play more with my own style and appearance.  Thanks for the inspiration!  I got nothing but LOVE for all of you!


Helga! said...

EEEEEEEEK!!! What FINE company you've put me in!!! OOo,so flattered to be considered inspirational,sweets!Hurrah! I think we all bounce off each other a lot!Yay for being fabulous ladies!
I like those mushrooms,a version would be lovely in my garden.I'm quite into mixed media stuff,there's some amazing work out there,I can't keep up!
Ha,I think I still have a crush on the dude from Def Leppard!But like you,I have my very own long haired man to keep me happy!YeeHAH!!

Danielleorama said...

This list is has too much awesome going on! Definitely checking out these blogs and that lightswitch plate is awesome D:

Vix said...

How on earth did I miss this? I'm truly honoured to be amongst such fabulous women. You are an inspiration too, you dress with such colour and fabulesness! xxx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Krista! What a great post, and now I've figured out how you found me - Ms. Helga. I pink-puffy-heart her blog.

I'm your newest follower - and am loving your pink hair and young attitude ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the two bunches with the vintage frock. It's looks true vintage. I admire Vix too. Great inspirations.

I am following you, now I hope you can follow me too,as I would like to stay close to your blog.