Friday, July 22, 2011

One ship + 40 bands + 2300 headbangers= PARADISE

I can't believe this is happening.  One of my all time favorite bands, My Dying Bride is coming to the USA...sort of.  Have you ever heard of 70,000 tons of metal?  It's a 4 day cruise leaving Miami and going to the Cayman Islands but wait there is more!  There will 40 metal band playing over the entire course of the cruise.  Poolside metal anyone?  Uh yeah me!!!! It is a bit pricy, ok it's super expensive but oh how I am dreaming about going with my best friend.  Here are some images from last year.

All images are from Metal Injection
I'm not sure I'll go but I still this sounds bad ass!


Vix said...

It sounds brilliant! A cruise with metal, that sure beats my perception of your standard cruise ship. x

VainGlorySinner said...

I would love to go on that cruise! I wouldn't care if I had to sleep out on the deck lmao!

I don't think a cruise ship has ever seen so much black clothing haha!

Lets hope they don't meet any large ice bergs because that cruise ship going down with My Dying Bride on board would be even more harrowing than the Titanic! xxx

Helga! said...

OMG that sounds bloody AWESOME!!!! O,I do hope you can manage to go!!!!
LOVE the "easter" bonnet,darl!Its so frou frou and fabulous!!!
As are YOU!

Nelly said...

Hope you make it even tho I dont like HM (dont hate me) I think we all shoudl be able to enjoy what we