Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perfect spot

I love that when I am out running errands or playing with friends Chris records the animals or takes pictures of them for me.  Ain't he sweet?  This one is from a few days ago.

The sofa was first Peetee's spot then Zoe moved in and now little Ash is trying to stake claim, that is until she rolls off.


VainGlorySinner said...

Hahahaha! Poor little Ash! Chris was just waiting for that to happen! LOL!

I love it when cats do dopey things! xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Haha I just watched it again. It's funny how both Peetee's and Zoe's heads pop up when Ash falls. Adorable pets! xxx

Vix said...

I love how Peetee and Zoe go into panic mode when Ash falls off. Ours are just as daft. So cute. x