Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The rain has got me down

Growing up in Southern California I got used to two seasons, hot and hotter.  The sun rising always let me know, hey it's a new day.  Since moving to Oregon 6 years ago I have really embraced and loved the change of seasons, but the last two years have been pretty difficult.  Here it is the middle of July and it's still raining, and gray and not that warm.  It makes me sad, pouty, and kind of grumpy.  I have only used the grill a few times this year and my poor animals are like what the heck is going on where is the sunshine?

These pictures reflect how I feel right now.

Boy was this post depressing, just skip it ok.  Here I'll end with a rainbow just so we all know I have not lost hope.


Brian said...

I love that you equate the rainbow with hope.

By the way, I'm with you on the weather. I love the rain but I don't love the rain in July. The top hasn't come off the Jeep yet and at this rate it probably won't come off at all this year.

Just remember... Hawaii in September!!!

Vix said...

I know exactly how you feel about how the weather brings you down.
Despite being born and brought up here in the grey, cold and wet UK, I've always hated it. It's never too hot for me, that's why I save like hell for my two months in India each year.
If I lived closer I'd bring over some booze, we'd get out bikinis on and pretend it was glorious. xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

I really don't mind the rain - unless I have planned to go somewhere then I get annoyed but even then it's sometimes fun to be out in the rain, especially when drunk!

I love the sound of rain hitting against my bedroom window when I read - it's relaxing and really gets me in the mood to visualise what I'm reading.

Here in England the weather is constantly up and down so I've learned to live with it and enjoy the changes - plus it's good for the plants! xxx

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, sweetheart...come vist me anytime. San Diego is warm & sunny today. Miss you. Mom

Nelly said...

And here is me saying how lovely the days have been (other than last saturdays fete fiasco lol) I do hope you get some sunny weather soon.I love the heat so cant wait for winter to be gone and the nights to get warmer.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

I hope sun arrives with you soon, these are beautiful. x hivenn