Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yard and Kitties

Since I recently had the backyard done and summer is finally here, I find myself spending hours in the yard.  I work until about 4 everyday and after that I have about 6 hours of daylight left, its like getting two days in one :)  Here are a few pictures of some trinkets in my yard.  I have also made three more stepping stones that turned out awesome, pictures soon I promise!

Some recent kitty photos.

I love both my kitties!

A few cute videos.


VainGlorySinner said...

Ooo I love the Medusa plaque!

We need to get our back garden done but the living room must come first! Doing up a new house is so fun but you can only do so much each year!
I have already got quite a few green man plaques for our back garden, hopefully they will encourage our garden to grow!

Ash is such a cutie! He really reminds me of when my baby was a kitten but she still acts like one now I suppose!

Peetee is wanting the love! He's so adorable!! xxx

Vix said...

Those plaques are just wonderful, I'd love those in my garden. Medusa is really striking, isn't she?
I love your kitties, too. x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Those plaques are really beautiful, always chic and gorgeous for a garden.
Your cats are adorable. I so wish cats didn't bring on my allergies.

Louise said...

Oh wow, I want a Medusa wall plaque too... Although I need to sort my tip of garden out first. Glad you share an appreciation of the wonderful tank girl :-) Cool blog, I'll be back to visit again. X

Danielleorama said...


Wherever did you get your cool yard thingies??

lol at these videos "what do you have to say for yourself?" *lick lick lick* When Peetee was squeaking his toy Guppy got very startled :3