Monday, August 15, 2011

I hiked the worlds 2nd largest monolith!

I know pretty cool huh?  It is 848 ft. tall and is just behind the Rock of Gribaltar in height.  It's pretty much one big chuck of volcanic rock.  Chris and I headed out with some friends Ron and Christopher, who know the Columbia gorge pretty darn good.  It was the kind of summer day that warms you to think about  in winter.

That's Beacon Rock dead center there, doesn't look like much from here.

Seeing roadside memorials are almost common on mountain roads.  RIP.

We are here, our hike begins.

Trees grow out of the rock and seem to just cling to the side of the steep terrain.

The entire way up is a series of switch backs and was pretty easy.  Peetee dug it.

 Views the entire way up.

Chris hates when I take his picture, but isn't he handsome :)
and we had a baby squirrel join us for snacks.

I kiss Peetee far too much.
Then it was time for a little lunch

 next to mountains and the water
I love that blackberries grow everywhere here.  Dessert off the vine. Everything is super late this year due to lack of sunshine, but I still found some perfect ones.

And then because Oregon also has a large concentration of waterfalls we went and saw some :)

But wait there's more :)

It was a killer day out in nature away from my phone, my computer feeling quite alive.


Vix said...

It's absolutely stunning. What fantastic scenery and spectacular views. You, Chris and Peetee all look wonderful, too.
It really is wonderful to have a break from the computer and the phone sometimes.
Thanks for sharing. xxx

Helga! said...

You can never kiss any animal too much!
What a gorgeous hike!The greenery is very like here.Love the views,what is the river called? How far out of Portland is this place??G and I really like the look of it!You may not expect it,but I do like being in nature,despite not being able to wear heels!!!Ha!
Love the pic of you and Chris,he IS handsome!!!And you are HAWT!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Nat said...

Looks like a fantastic place... so many wonderful photos of the hike :-)

Misfits Vintage said...

Beautiful pics - it's so green and lush! What a great spot to have lunch - and you hair is pinker/more awesome than ever!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Krista...I love that hike...someday?

Louise said...

That gorgeous scenery reminds me a little of our Lake District, although on a larger scale. It's beautiful, I love getting out into nature too. That squirrel was the cutest thing, and Petee is a little darling too. X

Bombshellicious said...

Omg so beautiful scenery, lovin the squirrel, the one in our garden just grabs the nuts and runs away. Kissing the dog is good hahhahaha Im always kissing my two it probably gets on their nerves xx

Pop Champagne said...

those pictures look AMAZING! and so serene! looks like you also had a great time and lovee the color of your hair :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

What a great workout - and isn't grazing on berries the best? They always taste better when you pick them yourself. You're making me miss home......

What a great day you had. You're like the squirrel whisperer.

Danielleorama said...

Great photos! This place look amazing! love that photo of you two<3