Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I know some people think it's strange that I love skulls and skeletons but hey they are inside each and every one of us.  The way I see it, loving skulls is a profound declaration of self love....and I am sticking to that!
Made by Kasket Kustoms
I'd love this in our basement/tv/game/dungeon room :)  Made by Vinyl Wall Decals
These are gorgeous and only 2 inches tall.  These are cake toppers made by Sweetie Cake Topper.
Check out Desiree (and her awesome blog) in her sexy skeleton leggings.  I love them!
Adorable skull dress made by Booscary Bootique. 
I could never get Chris to wear this, nor would I want too but I sure thinks it's fun!  Made by Bandito Rockabilly.
Beautiful merskeleton!
Sexy and kinda creepy :)
Cute boots made by Assassin Apparel.
Such a fan of Taylor Says shoes, too bad I would die if I tried to wear them.

Lady Death a favorite comic of mine, outfit full of skulls.


Vix said...

Desiree rocks those skeleton leggings, doesn't she?
I love all your choices, especially those crazy spine heels and that decal.
Jon's a bit of a spoilsport when it comes to wearing loud clothes, too. xxx

Helga! said...

What is WRONG with me?! haha,I've been keeping my eyes peeled for when you post,but somehow I missed 4 posts!! Most disgrntled.I've just caught up on all of them and I want to say:
Your're gorgeous!
I love chenille,that peacock one is sublime
I love skulls too!G jusy bought me some skull earrings!
You're gorgeous!
Your Mom & Sis and Chris are gorgeous!
How the hell do you look so gorgeous in the morning??
I love fish tacos
I've never been to Hawaii
You're gorgeous!
I've missed you.


I really need to get some more style confidence So inspired by this post!

Misfits Vintage said...

I love them too! I ADORE the soles of those fab red glitter shoes but they would kill me too! Those pink boots are pretty frickin awesome and I love LOVE Desiree's leggings!

And I LOOOOVE my pink and green amazing necklace!

Sarah xxx

Heather said...

Ha love this post I love skulls to ....some people are just so thrown off by it. My Skull tattoo is very similar to the top skull ring it has the cross just like that ~ I agree skulls aren't so bad ...and wow those shoes are something else!! who knew they could be represented in so many ways lol ~Love Heather

Danielleorama said...

You find THEE coolest stuff. I need the merskeleton as a print and THE SHOES!! *sigh* the shoooooes

Anonymous said...

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