Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm back

Hey everybody!  Wow what a wonderful visit I had with my Mom and sister.  It's funny how the simplest of things bring me the greatest pleasure like cooking a meal with them, watching Mad Men, pulling weeds in the yard and eating fried chicken.  I am lucky to have them in my life and even Chris enjoys hanging out with us ladies.  It went by way too fast but I am so grateful at any time I get with them.

I picked them up bright and early and had coffee from my favorite roaster in hand Albina Press.  YUM!

A quick trip downtown to buy my Mom a hat for our boat ride on the Sternwheeler up the Columbia Gorge.  Chris met up with us for this.

View from the boat.  The Columbia Gorge has tons of people wind surfing, they are so much fun to watch catch air!

 My sweet Mom!
 Chris and Tracy getting their drink on.

I love the wind in my hair.

 Mom said our smiles looked phony

We all love shoes in this family!
 Me in the morning making breakfast.

 My sister is beautiful even without makeup. ;)
Isn't my sister a hottie!

It was a great visit.  I have to say when I came home from dropping them off at the airport my house seemed LOUD with silence, I had a nice lil cry and then well you just pick up where you left off.  I am so thankful that I have not only a family that loves me but that they love me enough to leave their own families behind for a few days to come play with me. I miss them already.


Kathi said...

It looks like you ladies had a great time!

VainGlorySinner said...

I know exactly what you mean about the loud silence. Whenever I come home after visiting my mum for 10 days every few months, my house always seems so quiet! It's the only time that I actually miss my brother being a spaz and my mums loud laughter. It makes me home sick for a day or so but then I'm just happy to see my little Bella again.

I love the pictures of your hair flying about in the wind on the boat - the boat trip looked like lots of fun and thumbs up to Chris's Katatonia t-shirt!

I am always in love with American landscapes and scenery - I'd sell my soul to move to America but I will just have to settle for holidaying there some day.

Your bathroom is the most colourful kawaii room EVER! Look at all the beautiful jars! I bet Chris feels very manly brushing his teeth amongst all of that LMAO! Love it!

I'm glad you had a lovely time with your family. Time always flies when you're having fun! xxx

Nelly said...

Thankyou so much fr sharing your lovely family.I love seeing pictures like this.
I also loved looking at your bathroom too how funky is it?Think I need some serious work done here by my bloggimg buddies shame you all live so far

Vix said...

You, your mum and sister are all hotties! Those photos are just brilliant, I can feel the happy vibes radiating from every shot.
Loving the pictures of your fabulously bright and funky house and love you most of all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I really enjoyed seeing you, your mum and sister having such a ball together. Simple things are so much more exciting when shared with people who know and love you.
I wish I had a sister when I see scenes like the ones you've shared. What great memories you're creating.

Bombshellicious said...

Loving the pics xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Krista!

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with the fam. Aren't boats a hair style killer?

Your pics are making me miss home :


Misfits Vintage said...

How on earth have I missed all of these posts... this one made me CRY!!

Can you please ask your Mum to adopt me? I want to be your sister.

You look AMAZING - your hair is especially pink and looks FABULOUS blowing around in the wind and I LOVE the pic of you making breakfast and the one of you on the couch with the cat.

You all look so happy and relaxed - I am incredibly envious. I'm coming over - get the adoption papers ready!

Sarah xxx