Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take me away

On a Clipper

to a far away place
where I have lots of these
and plenty of those
where all I wear is this
maybe one of these too
where I can swim with plenty of these
and these
a place where I can get off my
and get on a, yeah right
a place where I can spend plenty of time with Chris
and miss
Can my trip to Maui get here any faster?  Sept. 12th I need you here soon:)


Kristi said...

Sounds heavenly, I love the way you think. Hang in there Sister...you are getting soooo close!!! I am thoroughly jealous ;)

Louise said...

Wow, Maui sounds amazing. It's not too long now. Xx

Brian said...

we are of one mind right now

Nat said...

Can I come with... pleeeeeaaaassssssseeee????!

Vix said...

I wish I was coming too, it looks absolutely stunning.
Shall I cat sit for you instead? xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - I hope we get some pics of you in the bikini and hat on a surfboard!

Sarah xxx