Friday, September 23, 2011

Chasing sunshine

FROCKING FRIDAY is finally here! YEA YEAAAA!!  I can't wait to hit up Farmer's Market Saturday morning and plant my plumeria from Hawaii.  It still feels like summer here, never mind that will all change next week, but right now it's warm and I love it!


Can you tell I just brightened my pink and that I think I look pretty good?  Yeah for me and my brightness! One of my favorite things about having pink hair is that look little girls give you as they stare and then smile, usually really big.  Followed by them saying to Mom, that girl has pink hair or I want pink hair...makes my day every time.

Both necklaces made by me.
What must the neighbors think, said Chris, as he snapped away.  Screw em', I offered back.   
A lil peek into our spare bedroom, my work in progress.  Oh Peetee come here :)
I did miss my animals in Maui so there will be a lot of hanging out with them too.  Have a great weekend whatever you do!


Nelly said...

LOVE THAT dress you rock pink hair like no one else I have seen

The Vintage Knitter said...

I'll have to show my five year old your photos as she'll love your hair. She's determined to have pink hair when she's older so I said that if she still wants it pink when she's sixteen, then we'll get it done!

Louise said...

You look gorgeous. I love the blue dress and hat combo. I'd love pink hair, I had blue hair in uni and pink streaks when I started work, but I work in such a straightlaced industry there's no way I could have pink now :-( xx

Ariane said...

I love all the colors! I get the funny looks from the neighbors when i shoot but who care hey!

Ariane xxxxx


Lookin' really good in blue Krista - with the hair you look like a perfect summer sky.
Pink is the only colour my hair has never been. It's the most happy colour for sure.

VainGlorySinner said...

I love you in blue! That dress is quite lovely! You must have a pair of shoes to match any colour outfit!

I absolutely love the sugar skull bead necklace! So adorable!

I want to see more peeks from around your home! Is that Blythe doll I see?! They are so hard to come by nowadays.. in the UK anyway!

Give Peetee a kiss from me! xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh you are just too, too gorgeous!!! I want to give you a great big squeeze and play with your hair - the colour is FANTASTIC!!!! Isn't it wonderful to have little girls commenting on your hair - they must be hounding their mums at home for pink hair after see you look so glorious. The blue frock!!! The hat!! The shoes!! Your necklaces! You are awesome xoxoxoxoxoxox

Danielleorama said...

Husbands that take outfit photos are the best! I have to laugh when Ed directs me with creative flair. I love the colors in your dress and the necklaces! i didnt notice the lil skulls at first, i love em mixed with girly colors. Are the beads pastel?

Vix said...

You are such a ray of sunshine, you've brightened up my hangover hell no end!
You look bloody gorgeous in that hat and frock and is your hair even pinker than usual? Love it!!!!
How fantastic to be admired by little girls, they have the best taste!
Love the glimpses of your amazing home. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Helga! said...

Bloody hell,where the feck have I been!!! I'm talking to Vix on Skype about you as I type,and I realised I missed this post cos I'm a dick!!!
FECK you look HOT!!! But then,when don't you?! Phwoar!!!
Love this frock,love everything about you!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I kind of always wanted pink hair, not sure it would work on me though. It's been orange and red though. There's a mum at my son's nursery school whose hair is lavender - I love it! Oh, and I really love you shoes too.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!!