Thursday, September 1, 2011

It really is the little things

Finding pleasure in the simplest of things is something we can all work on.  Yesterday was a day full of these moments and I am still smiling over them.

I finished a cute craft project.
because every teddybear deserves their own pink gas mask.
I am surrounded by cute skulls, this mirrored one is on my office door.
this is a drawing my friend Brandon did for me one year.  My favorite band is My Dying Bride and well here she tragically beautiful!
It was sunny by the time I finished work and Peetee and I enjoyed hanging out in it.
my animals enjoy sniffing each other's ass...nice!
I got the most thoughtful package from Vix, of Vintage Vixen. 

Isn't she gorgeous!  Handmade in India (vix's favorite vacation spot) she is silk and made with recycled sari's.  She is just freshly laundered and I can't wait to wear this in Maui :)  BUT WAIT there's more.
 Isn't this t-shirt hilarious hot pink with a big ole standard poodle.  LOVE IT!  Colorful bindi's, a gorgeous pink polish, and a sparkly mirror from India.
My heart almost stopped when I saw the necklace, it's so me.  I LOVE this hot pink tusk, I have never seen anything quite like it.  The pink heart and silver tassel are also so pretty on this extra long chain.  Vix told me the tusk was her Mum's and now I love it even more!  Vix we have never met but I feel like you know me and that is pretty freaking special!
I am so thankful for the new people who have come into my life via my blog or theirs, I feel like I have found my tribe!  I love all of you!

and that my friends is a whole lot of little things that are making me SMILE.  What's got you grinning?


VainGlorySinner said...

You sure do have a lot to smile about!!

I love the pink gas mask on princess teddy! So cute!

The My Dying Bride picture your friend did is awesome!

I had to laugh at the picture of Peetee and Zoe sniffing butt!

What a lovely package from Vix and it was so lovely of her to give you one of her mums possessions. The dress is gorgeous - can't wait to see pictures of you frocking it up in Maui! xxx

Helga! said...

yay for Vix!She always hits the nail on the head!! yeah,we're all in the tribe,abby,that's for sure!!!
Love that bloddy pink gasmask!!It's put a smile on my dial at 7:17am friday morning!!!


LOVE seeing a healthy appreciation of pink, without it being too sugar-coated and sickly-sweet.
Vix has excelled herself with this package, the ultimate in cool. Sometimes 'strangers' get you more than people you see every day.

The gas mask teddy sure had me smiling today, and that is saying something (not much to grin about today!)

Your attitude is infectious, keep up the fun,


Nelly said...

Yopu make me grin you Rainbow brite lady you. How wonderful are your gifts well deserved tho xx

Louise said...

Wow, what beautiful goodies. Blogging is fab isn't it? I've met so many cool people through it too. Fab drress, I can't wait to see pictures from Maui. Xx


Saw this and thought of you today

Karen Xavier said...

That's a nice package with all the Indian goodies... that dress is cute. Now I know what to do with my old sari's... I live in India, so I have loads of sari's.

Misfits Vintage said...

Vix totally has the magic when it comes to presents! That tshirt is FANTASTIC and that Indian frock is beautiful - can't wait to see you in it. I LOVE that skeleton mirror - I have a similar laser cut bird mirror and I love it too!

I am DEFINITELY in your tribe (and honoured to be!).

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Visiting your blog always makes me smile! I'm so glad you like your pressies, the wonderful jewellery you sent me was a tough act to follow.
I expect lots of gratitous bikini shots from Maui! xxxxxxxxxx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Krista - where did you get the fabulous french poodle t-shirt?? I was just talking about them yesterday and I saying I wanted one (the fancy dog, not the shirt).

Maybe if I could just wear the shirt it would get rid of the need to get the dog.

Danielleorama said...

Wow, that necklace completely rocks! almost as much as the pink gas mask...almost!