Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lazy Daze

Maui was just what my mind body and soul needed.  Chris and I really had a nice relaxing time on this beautiful exotic island.  We ate tons of fresh fish, soaked up a lots of sunshine and played in the ocean.  The water there is crystal clear, warm and the air is fresh and unpolluted.  Breathe, breathe it in.

Lots of waterfalls are on the road to Hana.  So pretty!

I wish you could have smelled the guava trees, the air was sweet with their scent.
and of course the beach was the best part of our day.  You wanna get there early because about 1pm the trade winds pick up and it gets pretty windy. I loved starting my day with a dip in the ocean and time in the sun reading and chatting with Chris.

Beautiful beach and Hawaiian babe!
Chris enjoying himself :)

Me having a freaking ball, ya hear me !!!
We did a lot of laying around :)
No really we did :))))

me saying something totally not important...maybe asking if it's time for fish tacos :)
 these fish and chips melted in my mouth!
 emmmm fish tacos!!!!
and more fish tacos...
and yummy drinks too.

and more delicious fish!

Here is our rental car and I wish you could have seen the crazy ass pretty much one lane road we traveled on that barely hugged the side of a mountain hanging over the water.  It was fun and a bit hairy!

I had a chance to wear the lovely dress Vintage Vixen sent me....perfect for the island!  Thanks again you sweet thang, I love it!

and how about a few more in my bathing suit!

and there you have it my friends, what a wonderful week spent doing a lot of nothing in paradise.

BTW, the day before we left Ash ran up that tree and stayed up there for 10 hours in 95 degree heat.  About 11pm Chris climbed up a 30 ft ladder and brought her down.  Bitch!  I really did miss the animals though!  Now back to the grind!

I almost forgot to add this lil video :)


Vix said...

You're back!!!! we've missed you so much.
That looks like paradise, I'm insane with jealousy and slobbering over the computer screen at the sight of you in your bikini, you have the best bod in blogland, honest to god!
That dress fits you like a dream.
Hope it's not to hard being back home. Naughty Ash, she must have had a sense you and Chris were leaving her. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tanya said...

Maui looks AMAZING! I still haven't been to Hawaii but your photos really make me want to go. And the food!!!! yuuuuuuuum.

Dashfield Vintage said...

WOW how beautiful!! I am very envious! We are hanging around here desperately waiting for summer to finally appear (you know that time when winter is just moving into spring but hasn't quite gotten there yet!).

Helga! said...

OMG how totally glorious!! I knew Vix would be salivating,beach is just her thang,especially with hot minx' like you lying around!!
Such a beautiful place,and all that fecking DIVINE food!!MMMMMMMM!!
G and I would be right at home there,sun,sea,fish tacos,cocktails-doesn't get much better than that!!!
Pleased to have you back,we missed you!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! You're back! We missed you so much, Krista.

So glad you had such an amazing week - it looks such a beautiful place - the waterfalls are spectacular!

Vix is right - you have THE MOST SMOKIN HOT BOD in the world and you look killer in your bikinis and FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL in that beautiful frock from Vix. You are just so so gorgeous, hon!

Sarah xxx

PS Come stay with me at my beach any time!

Bombshellicious said...

OMG gorgeous pics xx


Jealous - me? Hell yeah!

You look so happy and beautiful on holiday. The food looks divine, and your husband is very handsome. All that's missing is me to keep you company at the bar.

Louise said...

Oh my God. You went to paradise! I've never seen anywhere so stunningly beautiful. I want to go rightthisminute!! You look like you're having a ball. X

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing holiday pics you gorgeous bikini girl! The colours are just so INTENSE!!! I wanna go!!!!!! The food - SLURP!!!! And what a beautiful couple you make - you look so happy together:)) xoxoxoxoxxo

Nat said...

Looks like The Most Amazing Holiday Ever... I am consumed with jealousy and want to fly there right now! Love all your pics...

Danielleorama said...

Oh my goodness it looks SO lovely. I hope to go one day :) and hawaii looks nice too OOOHH! haha but seriously why do you look so amazing, you bitch!<3 love the shot of the bikini on the clothes line.

Kathi said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful and relaxing trip! Can't wait to chat soon!

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