Friday, September 9, 2011

Naughty lil kitty :)

Well my pretties, the time is finally here. I bid you farewell, aloha for a while.  BUT before I go I want to leave you smiling :)  We are slowly introducing Ash to the great outdoors and it's an adventure (total pain in the ass) for sure.  No matter what you do with your kitties leave em inside or give em' a lil of both, Zoe is a happier, mellower cat now that she get's to really be a cat and go outside and kill stuff :( She may feed the whole family one day.  Now its Ash's turn.
My vet says she might have a shorter life if she goes outside but it's been said~Life is not about how pretty you are upon death but rather that you ram into it head first and scream f*** yeah, that rocked!!!!  Here are some shots of Ash being a naughty lil kitty.  See you all after a while. XxxX!!!!
Not here, here Ash is grooming and looking cute.
Look at her tongue you guys!! 
They actually both lick each other, it's pretty stinking cute!
Here she is thinking about being BAD.
 She is now BAD KITTY!

but after all that she came back down.  Whew.
and then she went back to grooming, but you knew that.



What a beautiful cat. Some cats just look like they'd be really good company if they were human (if that makes sense?!).
Ash looks intelligent, witty and a tiny bit sly!

Vix said...

Cats need to go out and play even if it does mean having to get rid of half-dead birds and maimed frogs from under the bed..eeeekkk!
Ash looks so bad ass up that tree and so enormously cute grooming and being petted by Peetee.
Have the most brilliant time. I'll miss ya loads. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

How bloody adorable! Ash is such a cutie! She looks like a very adventurous cat indeed! Those pictures of her hugging the tree are hilarious! Naughty little girl!

I'd love to let Bella go outside but I'm terrified she'd get ran over! I am also really selfish and love having her around me all the time, I'd hate to be waiting for her to come home at night! I have recently got her a cat lead though so once she gets used to it she can roam the garden a bit. xxx

Helga! said...

ARGH,Ash is so gorgeous!!! My Pee Pee is a naughty little shit of a cat,very keen on birds,dammit.I love watching kitties adventuring in the "wild"!!!
LOVE!!! Have a wild time,baby!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE that sweet pic of Peetee and Ash together. Happy holiday, love - hope you have a FABULOUS time in Hawaii! We'll miss you.

Sarah xxx