Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter Lik, see life is this beautiful!

While in Maui Chris and I checked out the gallery of  Australian born photographer, Peter Lik.  His work is some of the most amazing I have ever laid eyes on.  I was surprised to find out that only a few are HDR all the rest were shot on an old large format camera from the 40's.  Have a look, what do you think?

He also prints these on some fancy ass paper that makes them look as if they were made from light itself.
I wish I could afford one of these, they really did take my breathe away!  The gallery was beautiful too.


Vix said...

I freaking love them! My heart was literally racing as I was scrolling down, there's so much energy in his images and the colours are just incredible.
Just goes to prove that digital photography ain't the bee all and end all if you've got natural talent. xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

These are amazing! Some of them almost look like paintings. The colours are so strong and vivid, they really draw you in! xxx


I want them all! They are breath-takingly beautiful, like the most vivid and awe-inspiring dream imaginable.
Some talent!

ariane said...

OMG! what amazing pictures, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, you are adorable as well - Ariane

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

The colors are AMAZING! =)

Nat said...

Absolutely amazing... wish I could own one!