Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where has all the romance gone?

 I think romance is underrated. Romance defined, is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
I have this painting, The Siren by John William Waterhouse hanging next to my bed.  It used to make me wonder if anyone worthy would hear my Siren's call, now it reminds me how lucky I am that Chris did (sorry babe if that makes you wanna barf). These paintings all feel like love to me.

We could all use a bit more romance in our day to day life don't you think?  


Danielleorama said...

Yes indeedy! those are beautiful. I have "the kiss" hanging in our bedroom :)

Vix said...

How freaky! I used to have waterhouse's Lady Of Shallot hanging by my bed when I was a student! I love Pre-Raphaelite art, the women are so beautiful with such strong faces. xxx

Helga! said...

I adore Waterhouse,in fact I adore the Pre Rapaelites!
Romance?? Yeah,sometimes G and I like to be dribbly!!! It's certainly good for a person to know they are loved,romantic or otherwise!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

* SIGH *

Nelly said...

I ditto what Sarah said SIGH!!!
or maybe I should say romance?Whats Romance?