Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BAM colors!!!!

Since I work from home I pretty much live in my gym clothes, I'm smelly, sweaty and unwashed.  I try and  take a shower and get dressed before Chris comes home, he married a hottie and I want him to remember that.  This is really a typical outfit for me most days if I clean up.  Casual yet BRIGHT!

My hair's getting long, I like it...more of a pain to dye though.

 My favorite necklace from the thoughtful Vix.

 I love me some bright sneakers, these are KSWISS and they were only $10 I bought two pairs about 5 years ago and these are the last pair.  I try and keep them clean, I hate dirty sneakers.
I love all the embroidery on these parachute pants, I thrifted them for $3.

 I like my plastic bracelets too.
This last one is so you can see how sunny it was.  Cold but sunny, I'll take it.
Chris said I look like an 80's chick, well I kinda am :) Have great week everybody!


Vix said...

You and your ensemble put my working out clothes to shame! How bright and insanely fabulously hot do you look? Smelly, sweaty or not you look HOT baby!
Loving the colours of those trainers and the cute robot tee and of course the chick inside them.
LOve ya. xxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

You look hot in your recreation outfit.love your pink sneakers my sister would steal them. your tatts go with your coloful cute style. love your Hello Kitty bangles.
You pink ass biatch!


This is a look I long to pull off, but get so very wrong. It's clear now that I've been buying the wrong colours. I go for navy or black, which is super boring.
I love comfort and practicality through the week when I'm sitting on the floor at mum and toddler group, or running to the school which is up a steep hill.
Great colour combos, and accessories just give a special Krista edge. Brilliant. I want bright trousers.

Thick Threads said...

I Seriously love your robot shirt! and fuck yeah pink hair! :) awesome blog :)


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Krista - you look uh-mazing as usual. I love how you're so vivid and bright. No blending in the crowd for you!


Scarlett said...

You are so cute, great post. Im a hello kitty fan so loving the bracelets :o) Scarlett x

pastcaring said...

This outfit is just so you, Krista - colourful, casual, cool, fun and sexy. All words which describe you perfectly, love! I think your Chris knows he's still got a hot chick! xxx

Nat said...

Lucky we can't smell the sweaty, smelly from here ;-) Seriously, you look fab...
I work from home too and tend to hang out in my old baggy jeans and tees... but I always take a shower before I start the day ;-)

Helga! said...

Too freakin' hot,bright and sexy! Yowza!Who says comfort/casual wear has to be boring?! Not YOU! Totally digging the bracelts,and with those colours,you're speaking my language,baby!

Anonymous said...

You know you look like a million bucks! Looove everything about this outfit esp the shoes and your bracelets! Best accessory ever... those tattoos! Beautiful ink :)

Dashfield Vintage said...

Whoa I bet there's never a dull day with you around! I know what you mean about working from home. We seem to always have a lot of unexpected visitors and/ or tradesmen knocking on our door (or just straight wandering through the garden) so I often find myself having to get dresses at lightening speed... or risk being seen in my pyjamas at lunchtime!

Misfits Vintage said...

You just couldn't get any hotter! I LOVE the fab colour combo - and that robot tshirt is killer. Your hair IS getting long! And I adore your shoes - ten bucks! Bargain. You are living the dream, Krista and looking FINE while you do!

Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

Nothing wrong with 80s, casual OR bright. I love all 3. Usually more in the summer, I think it's because in winter clothes just aren't made that bright... :(

Kitty said...

Do you dye your hair yourself?? it looks very neat! I think we're all 8os chicks underneath, aren't we? Especially when it comes to the music we grew up with.xx.

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