Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bits of my place

I always love it when I can sneak a peak inside other people's homes, am I a weirdo or can you all relate?  Here are some random pictures around our house.  My crazy lime green kitchen, although I think Helga's is brighter.
Check out my cute lil Kewpie and her lil outfit, this ones for you Sandy.
 This Hello Kitty was a limited edition offered by MAC cosmetics.
 My lil Peetee pumpkin pie and his pink paw print.
 My sister gave me this print by the fabulous fairy artist Jasmine.
 Believe in something or fall for anything, my sister made me this clock.  I love my sister!
A lil fairy dress.
 A center piece at my wedding which now sits in my office.
Lots of things to keep me warm.  The most beautiful Sarah sent me that hot leopard hat.
 I have this tattooed on my back, it's by Amy Brown.
 My bangle tree inspired by the hot Sarah herself.
 Sweet colorful treats, I think I'd never eat these probably taste like shit.
 I bought this print years ago at a swap meet, wish I knew the artist.
 Here is one of Chris's guitars, I married my very own rock star!
 A chest I made, well painted and did a bit of wood burning.  It's stuffed full of winter hats and gloves.
A picture I snapped on my walk yesterday.  I was looking like a sunset :)

 I'm channeling my inner Vix in this fabulous orange felt hat!


Kathi said...

Your lime green kitchen is my favorite spot in your house! I love the color!

creativefashionglee said...

I like to sneak peek on someone else´s house too. I love yout colorful house a lot, especially your lime green kitchen. so adorable. :)

La Dama said...

I love all the colors in your colorful.
So many pretty things to see in your casita.Your sister is creative like you... kewpie doll is so cute in her outfit. I need those dolls for when I have babies. runs in the family. I adorar you in chaneling Vixcita hat.


Just like you, your home is vibrant, fun and stylish. I love the zingy colours, just can't imagine feeling down in a house like yours.
Beautiful personalized touches and a unique, quirky vibe, you should be proud of your gorgeous home.

Style Sud-Est said...

So girly you are! love all the colors in your home - My walk -in is girly - pink curtains and all, should post pics one day !

Love your hat!

Ariane x

Vix said...

I love your house, it's so you, brilliant, bright and beautiful and one on it's own. I used to have a lime green kitchen in my first house, it made me so happy.
Those scarves looks gorgeous hanging up in glorious technicolour like that, almost a work of art.
You know how much I love that hat, it's fabulous, just like you.

Perdita said...

I adore Jasmine's art too...I bought my sister a print for HER house and Jasmine kindly signed it.

I love all your decor, bright and fun!

Is the Victorian fairy painting a Richard Dadd? He went mad and killed his father, his agent said he'd passed away to dodge the shame so everyone thought he was dead but he was quietly painting away in the psychiatric ward... I always think his last name's ironic considering his crime.

pastcaring said...

Your colourful and quirky home definitely reflects your style and personality, Krista, it looks amazing!
And you REALLY look great in your Vix-ish hat!

Anonymous said...

It must be awesome to wake up and walk into that kitchen! Love your clock too, talented sister :) Lovelovelove your centerpiece from your wedding its so gorgeous! I always feel tons better after coming to your blog, it's so bright and fun and pink ;)

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow your house is a perfect reflection of you! I love taking a sneaky peek into other peoples homes it's always so interesting (having said that I always love seeing what other people are have in their shopping trolleys at the supermarket too so I'm probably just really nosey!). I have been meaning to do a house tour post for a while now too.

Misfits Vintage said...

And where's my room? I hope it's as fab as the rest of your place. I just love it all - the lime green kitchen is GORGEOUS and I love all of the gorgeous pinks and colours - that is a sexy house! I especially love the chest, the bangles (YAY!) and the FABULOUS CLOCK@! And those last two pics of you - OMG, you are just so beautiful.

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

Your house is gorgeous I love your colours.My house is boring (renting) and messy and dull lol

Nat said...

I loved sneaking a peak like this! Your colours are so vibrant and happy :-)

VainGlorySinner said...

May I come and live with you? Pretty please?!

Your house is just as colourful as you. You have so many awesome toys! I want to come and play!

Your bangle tower is to die for!

I love that you have an Amy Brown tattoo on your back! My favourite fairy fantasy artist has to be Jessica Galbreth and I am particularly fond of one of her pieces of work called All Hallows Eve. Her work is so beautiful.

I love the little Kewpie dress! So adorable!!

We have three of those black CD shelves too!! We got them from Ikea! Chris's guitar is awesome, Pyf has quite a few too!

If I came to your home I'd be nosing about all day :p xxx

Bombshellicious said...

Omg I love your kitchen xx

D♥R said...

Color ! Color ! LOVE !