Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday and feeling feisty!

After reading Vix's post yesterday about dressing how you like regardless of your age I felt inspired to kick it up a notch.  One of the many things getting older has taught me is that I can still be whoever I dam well please!  I don't care if people don't get my style, laugh at my pink hair or think I'm too old for tattoos when I look in the mirror I like who I see inside and out.  Those with the courage and desire to get to know me will see I love people easily and those too judgmental to pass me over are not worth knowing.  Here's to all those side eyes :) XOXOX!!!!

 Zoe and I giving each other some much appreciated love!

 my banging bangles
 This hat was a gift from Sarah and I just love it!!!
 More crazy scarf action.
 and a little bling.

  • Dress thrifted $3
  • scarf thrifted $1
  • belt retail $5
  • hat gifted from Sarah :)
  • Coach boots (let's just say I'm getting my moneys worth)
  • Zoe free from Aunt Norah


Vix said...

A vision in purple!!! You are so freaking fabulous, you ooze style, sassiness and positive attitude. Can't believe you thrifted that frock and for that price, too.
Sarah's hat is such a cool touch and matches Zoe to perfection.
Can't wait to catch up with you later, you feisty and sexy bird! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Brian said...

We love you for you. No need to change.

pastcaring said...

That colour is SO you, the dress is fabulous, and I am especially enamoured of the scarf - gorgeous!
Sarah's hat is the perfect finishing touch.
And Zoe is beautiful, like her mama!
Isn't it great that us so-called "mature" ladies are having a style revolution?! Like Desiree says, we are growing old disgracefully, and who cares if some folk don't get it? Not me!! xxxxx

Helga! said...

Fark,I LOVE thos outfit!!!That leopard hat is to DIE for,amongst the rest of this scrummy outfit!!!
Yep,we sure are growing old disgracefully,and we're proud of it!
I reckon "side eye" is when they just can't resist looking at our magnificence!If they're looking,it's cos they're interested in what they see-if they don't look it's because you look boring and un-noticable!Obviously we get looked at a LOT!Cos we're fabulous!!!
Ah,let the dum asses crap on,we know where it's at!
Muchos love and admiration!!

Anonymous said...

Oh chiquita you look awesome! Too old for tattoos and pink hair WHAT?! Screw that I'm gonna have pink hair when I'm 80!


Vix certainly struck a chord with her post about marching to the beat of your own drum.
So many women long to dress more flamboyantly, but don't have the confidence.
People like you show us that real beauty comes from being true to yourself, loving life and having lots of fun.
You have inspired me to bring more colour into my wardrobe - thanks.
Have a great weekend Krista!

Lucy x

Ivy Black said...

My love, you're never too old to look splendiferous. You keep doing are

Louise said...

When I was little I had this bedlinen with a character called 'Rainbow Bright' on it, she was just that, bright, colourful and fun. You are a real life rainbow bright bringing a ray of spectacular sunshine to the world, don't change! X

Misfits Vintage said...

I just LOVE these pics of you and Zoe loving each other all over the deck! You look GORGEOUS as always, darling - I love the scarf and boots and HAT, of course! And best of all I love your beautiful smile. I'm ready for our next skype date whenever you are.

Love, Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Wow!! A vision in purple and leopard looks so beautiful amor. I adorar your crazy scarf, those boots are perfection.
Its my hot body, i do what i want!

Nelly said...

Side eyes coz they are envious that ou have the courage to be you and look so good in doing

Perdita said...

LOVING those boots. Just fab!

VainGlorySinner said...

You and Zoe look beautiful together! I love the thrifted dress, very gorgeous colour! The scarf matches that stripy bangle perfectly!

The leopard print hat from Sarah is divine. You look sassy in leapord print!

Nobody is ever too old for tattoos! I don't understand this view people have that when you get older you are suddenly going to regret ever having them. It's not as if your whole personality will change with age. I love all your tattoos! They are an extension of you! xxx

D♥R said...

Just perfect ! Pink explosion ! Fabulous explosion !

dina vanessa mercado said...

gorgeous outfit!!! you really are beautiful.. love it!!! lovely hair! enjoyed your blog..following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!!


Thick Threads said...

oh wow, so so so so awesome! I love that berret! you look great in this dress. super hot :)