Friday, October 7, 2011

Grandma Love

When you find it easier to be angry instead of happy or to hate than to love you have it all wrong! As we get older it seems that life can turn us into bitter old judgmental turds.  My Grandma was more than a little guilty of this, she had almost 100 years to form her opinions.  She's been on my mind lately.
She graduated high school in 1930.  Isn't her class ring cute?
 She was a pretty bad ass bowler!
I need to put all these patches of hers on a jean jacket.
 This was my sweet Grandma who I still miss.
 She would kill me if I was showing these pictures with her socks out and all...
 so funny she doesn't have lipstick on here, because my Grandma always had on her lipstick.
See, much better.  We used to go out for the early bird special on Friday's at a yummy seafood restaurant.   My Grandma always loved a deal! I was so happy Chris had a chance to meet her.

Was there someone special in your life that you still miss?


Vix said...

Grandma's are very special, aren't they? You's looks lovely, a feisty lady with bowling skills and great taste in lippy, too. Those badges and the ring are fabulous mementoes.
My Grandma died a couple of years ago, she was 94 but with dementia we'd lost her a few years before then.
I bet she's looking down at her gorgeous Grand-daughter right now and feeling very proud of what a wonderful and beautiful person you are.
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend.
Loads of love to you. xxxxx


I never had a grandma, but always wanted one. They didn't sound like very inspirational people anyway, so I doubt I missed out on much.
I had one granfather,and he was a total asshole.
I miss my uncle Mac, he died 8 years ago just before Christmas. He was ALWAYS happy, always stoned and had a real 'live for the moment' attitude.
A lovely tribute to a fine lady here. Hope you're never without your lippy!
Have a fantastic weekend lovely.

Lucy x

The Vintage Knitter said...

Lovely photos of you with your Grandma; I love the one of her in her red lipstick and matching blouse.

I agree with you that Grandmas are special; my maternal Grandma died when I was five and I still miss her. I have a couple of memories of her that although hazy, are still very precious to me. Her sister, my Great Aunt Adelina died four years ago and she's greatly missed too, but I'm glad she had a chance to meet her Great Great Niece.

VainGlorySinner said...

Your grandma looked like a lovely lady indeed. She must have been quite the looker in her bowling days because if you inherited her looks then she must have been! I agree with Vix 100% on the feisty side of her because you definitely are!

My grandma on my mums side died when I was about 10. She wasn't much of the talkative type. She had a hard life raising 6 kids on her own and losing one daughter at the age of 8, it obviously took it's toll on her.

I have fonder memories of my dad's mum. She died when I was 19. She lived in Wales and every year up until I was about 13 when my parents split we would drive there past all the snowy mountains to visit her and my grampy who died when I was about 14. I have so many happy memories of visiting them. I remember she would sing The Little White Bull to us all the time and she had a lovely granda-ish singing voice which always made me feel warm and safe. She was a bit batty too and would always have loads of animals. At one time she had 6 wild cats living in her conservatory! Another time she had 2 goats in her back garden and 4 dogs. She was a little mad but I liked her that way. I last saw her when I was about 18.

She was from Holland and met my grampy during WW2 as she was a nurse and he'd had his left leg blown off! A great way to meet!

I never met my mums dad. Apparently he was a very mean man and would treat my mums mum like shit until my mums older brother finally got up the courage to stand up to him and kicked him out of the house.

Grand parents are very important and the memories they leave behind, especially to young children. I hope that my parents will be around for my future children for a very long time. xxx

pinktutu72 said...

I miss both of my grandmas. Grandparents are very important. I was on a bowling league too and those are some impressive badges :)

Nelly said...

awww that was lovely xxxx

Helga! said...

How freakin' cool was she?! Those patches are fab,they'd be brillant on a jacket!I don't mind crotchety oldies too much,it's usually only cos they don't feel good, and feel generally out of touch.I never knew either of Grandmothers, and only one Grandfather(who was a dodgy-in a bad way-old bastard).The peeps I miss are my parents,the died 2000 and 2001,the darlings.This was a beautiful post,sweetheart!!!
O,and I didn't realise girls had class rings too!We don't do that in these parts,it's a nice sentimental thing.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Awww, my grandma was my favorite person too. She was I'll but held on until I returned from Iraq, and then passed away after our first visit. She was 97! I'm still inspired by her kindness and sweet disposition.

I love that your grandma always had her lips on and was such a good bowler. I bet she was a ton of fun in her prime. What an inspiring post Krista!


Style Sud-Est said...

Charming, charming post, you got me there - I miss my grandma she died a long time ago, but she is my guardian angel, she always there when i need her.

My grandma always wore lipsticks and i think same color as your grandma.

Ariane xxxx

Kitty said...

I'm lucky to still have my grandmother but I know I'll miss her when she goes as much as you do yours. they leave a void that can never be filled, don't they? Her ring is beautiful.xx.

Misfits Vintage said...

Your Grandma looks like a fabulous woman and my Gran would have rivalled yours in the lippy stakes! But my Gran was more of a lawn bowler than a ten pin bowler.

Love, Sarah xxx

Nat said...

This is a lovely post about your gran - she was obviously a very special person to you :-)
Wish I'd had chance to get to know my grannies better...