Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween my pretties!

I must say I had a friggin ball at the ball!  The night started out at an OLD SCHOOL steak house, complete with red velvet booths, crystal chandeliers, raging fires, and prime rib sliced table side.  Think Barry White meets medieval knights. I just found my favorite new old restaurant in Portland.  While at dinner my friend Cathy and fellow troublemaker for the night, mentioned how people with smart phones tend to have their noses in them all night long and then my phone locked up and was unusable the entire evening.  I felt so cut off, no phone, no camera, no easy way to get directions, no texting, I guess I'll just be in the moment and that is what exactly what I did, all night long.

I found this dress at goodwill for $6 on Friday and decided I wanted to wear it.  All the pretty of a corset but I could breathe.
Jewelry by me :)

Meet Cathy, the first friend I ever made when moving to Oregon 6 years ago.  She loves playing dress up and looks beautiful doing it!

At dinner, this guy rolled out an obscene metal barrel, the meat wagon and sliced me up some prime rib English style.  It may not look like much but it melted in my mouth!

 Halloween brings out all the freaks and slutty versions of everything imaginable, I'm not referring to myself.
The venue was the amazing old STAR theatre located downtown.  Below is what it looks like inside.
 and this is an old photo but the outside pretty much looks the same.  I love the feeling of old spaces, they really do have a life of their own.
When we arrived the first band was playing, everyone was dancing and the vibe was killer.
 There were even beautiful dancing girls!
 There was CRAZY gypsy music, complete with dueling cellos.

 These guys were from Russia and they got the whole place dancing and singing.
We watched the final band from the most perfect seat located in the balcony, sipping on our drinks and taking it all in.  Halloween is the best night to people watch!
 Some of the more memorable costumes we saw were; Osama Bin Laden complete with shot to the head, slutty Cruella Deville, the creepiest Goblin ever, an adorable voodoo doll complete with protruding pins, lot's of steam punk, pirates, furries, it was the perfect night.  I wish I could have taken all of you!!!!

We got home by one,  made hot chocolate and watched Boardwalk Empire.  The end! I'm off to catch up on my favorite blogs!!!!!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!


Vix said...

Barry White meets Mediaeval knights? I wish I could have been there, it sounds and looks insane.
That dress is incredible on you, look at your banging bod. Wow!!! Cathy looks fabulous, too. Bet you girls turned a few heads, didn't you??? Even Peetee doesn't know who to look at first.
Happy Halloween, gorgeous!!!!!
Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

There's not one thing about your outfit that's not freaking fabulous (aside from your lacy unmentionables, I cant see those but I'm guessing they're FAB too) That dress is great I love the boots and the HAT! Looks like you had a ton of fun and your friend Cathy looks super cute too :)
Look at Peetee he's just so adorable.
I don't know how you lived without your phone for a whole night, I'm gonna have to try it... Cell phone cut off COLD TURKEY!

Helga! said...

Frigging HELL you look spectacular!! I wanna make like a vampire and suck your bloooooood!
Yay for great times!The retausrant sounds right up my alley,as does the whole damned shindig!!SO pleased you had a wild night!!!Wish I coulda been there!

Daniel said...

You're awesome ! ♥

Daniel said...

ah HAPPY HALLOWEEN ! of course

Louise said...

Oh wow, that sounds fantastic. I wish I could've come, I quite fancy going out one Halloween dressed as the bride of Frankenstein. Happy Halloween. Xx

Nat said...

You looked the corset-look dress! Me thinks you're having a great Halloween :-)


Jeez, you look like a film star!
That night out sounded incredible, a riot. Even in black you manage to look colourful - it's black magic.
I LOVE the jewellery, all of it. You and Cathy look like a couple of young, single girls - were the men hot for you? Bet they were.

La Dama said...

You look hot in all your furs!
Love your corset dress, hugs your boobs nicely.
Adorar your pInk calaveras necklace .
What a awesome place, would love to go there.
You two hot mamas burned up the place, loving your amigas top hat. I took th fotos earlier today but was too sick to post them.
Hope your having a marvelous Halloween

Style Sud-Est said...

You look as Helga said spectacular!
You made me smile, you are the icing on a cake my dear! your night sounded really great!

Love you !


pastcaring said...

Wow, Krista - all I can think about are your amazing BOOBS!
That dress is hot hot hot, just like the gorgeous woman wearing it, and your friend looks beautiful too. So glad you had a great night out. Who needs a phone? Enjoy the moment! xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG EVERYTHING IS SO FABULOUS! Your six dollar frock is frickin spectacular and you look AMAAAZING in it! Your friend is gorgeous too and what a fab night! Oh and i LOVE your necklace. And boots. And boobs. And hair.

(I am one of those smart phone people.)

Love! Sarah xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

What a fantastic night! The Star Theatre looks wonderful. I can only imagine what it looked like back in its hay day!

The bands looks very entertaining and everyone looks like they were having a blast!

Your costume is gorgeous as always! I love the sexy corseting down the front of the dress and the pixie style hanky hem of the skirt! You were just missing the fairy wings!

I love the fur trimmed bolero too!!

I have some boots very similar to the ones you're wearing, but the fur trim is thicker and they have a wedge heel!

I wish we could all get together for Hallowe'en.. how absolutely amazing and surreal would that be?!! xxx