Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your never too old for a second childhood

I don't consider myself a toy collector but I do own a few that make me pretty happy.  There is my one and only Blythe doll, Freckles.  She has a string coming out of her back that you pull to change her eye color. Isn't she cute and a bit creepy?
 Here she is with some friends.

The tall girls in these photos are made by Junko Mizuno.  I love them a lot and have two tattoos of her work on me. This is a limited print I bought this year.  How perfect is this frame?
She recently came out with a new picture book called ok I'm going with bad translation since she is Japanese but it still cracks me up...title is GAY WITCH ABORTION.  WTF??  I know but I love her regardless.  Here are a few pictures from it.
 This is the cover.
 Probably one of my favorites is the couple above.
 I have a different version of this lil witch on me :)
This one reminds me of Vix because of her love for India. The book also came with a CD.  Check out this little video if you so desire, it shows more images from the book to the music it came with.  

Here is picture of Junko isn't she cute!!!!
I also own a few Lalaloopsy dolls.

These are a few Munny's I made, they are suppose to be Chris and I :) What do you collect?


Scarlett said...

I Love creepy toys are creepy dolls top the list, love the first one esp! Scarlett x

La Dama said...

ooooh I love creepy dolls!
thats so cool her eyes change color.
I used to collect Barbies, slowly getting in to collecting them again. I now collect vintage scary looking dolls. I adorar the dolls you made, that pink one is so you.I been wanting a Bradley doll. quite like the Junko Mizuno chino dolls, so sexy.LMFAO!! @GAY WITCH ABORTION, sounds like something I would say.

Helga! said...

I'm not a doll person at all,but those Blythe dolls ARE very appealing!(and creepy,yeah!)
LOVE junko's work,OMG amazing!Esp the couple and the girl on the elephant,and the girl with the tentacle coming out of her chest.Fantastic imagination!Only the Japanese!!!
Love and moistness!XXXXXXXXXX

Vix said...

I love that Blythe doll but it's the blonde in the green frock I'm digging most! I remember lusting after those as a little girl, they look so slutty and bad ass.
Your collection is amazing. I've never seen anything like any of them.
I do love the girl on the elephant, that necklace of skulls he's wearing are very much like Kali, the Hindu deity.
The Japanese are fabulously crazy, gay witch abortion, hahahaha!!
The you and Chris dolls rock!
Love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miriam Stella said...

wonderful post! very very nice!!!
i wait you for my last outfit on my blog!

pinktutu72 said...

Saving for a Blythe doll they're creepy but pretty. The doll you have in the green dress next to her I haven't seen those in a loooong time I used to have one with a yellow satin dress. Love all your dolls great collection

Ivy Black said...

Brilliant! Blythe is the girl.
I just love creepy dolls. Can't get enough of them. I do like Little Apple dolls,but they all look pretty much the same so one is enough! My son bought me a Living Dead doll one birthday...love it! I'd really love a big Obitsu to stick in mad costumes but sadly too pricey right now!xxx


An impressive collection Krista! Junko looks so sweet and innocent, her imagination must be incredible.
The Lalaloopsy commercials drive me crazy, but I do find myself drawn to their dead black button eyes.
I always used to turn my dolls into rebels, food colouring in their hair, sexy outfits made from black bags and masking tape, black marker pen eye make-up.
I may treat myself to s doll one day, I don't need a daughter for an excuse, do I?
I'd love to come and look at your cool stuff. It'd be such fun.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hello! Firstly I'm really sorry, I've realised something went wrong with following your blog - I realised I wasn't getting your posts, same thing happened with Curtise at The Secondhand Years - anyway, I think it's sorted now!

I've never described myself as a doll lover - at least since I was little, always made me think of hideous crinoline wearing things - but I do like funky ones and I love Blythe and your mini-mes especially. As I'm getting older I'm seeing more cool ones - I'm quite desperate for the evil vampire Twilight Barbie which came out recently!

The Japanese artwork is fab - thanks for the intro to Junko, she looks to sweet to have designed it!

(If you want to see some truly terrifying dolls - check out my Spirit Dolls Ebay post - they're supposedly possessed!)

pastcaring said...

Blythe dolls are so collectable, aren't they, they always seem to be on Ebay for huge amounts of money. I was more of a Sindy girl myself, which shows my age...
Junko's artwork is amazing - it's so pretty yet so weird/disturbing, which is always a winning combination in my book.
I've never heard of Lalaloopsy dolls, I think my youngest daughter would love those! xxxxxx

Kitty said...

Junko's pictures are amazing aren't they, I can see they suit your style so well.xx.

VainGlorySinner said...

I was just telling a fellow blogger what I know of Blythe dolls yesterday. They are so cool! I have seen the original Kenner Blythe Dolls from 1972 go for over £700 on eBay! The more recent ones from Hasbro still go for about £300+

I'd love to be lucky enough to come across one for next to nothing in a jumble sale from some unknowing old woman but that would be a chance in a million!

All your toys are amazing, I especially love the Junko Mizuno book! I had seen the red headed cauldron wielding picture before whilst browsing the net but I didn't know who it was by. Her work is awesome! She must have a thing for nipples!

I love the Munny's of Chris and you! They are fab and looks so fun to create! First time I have heard of them! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - your collection is amazing! I had one of those big eyed/big haired Elizabethan dolls (I can even remember buying it in 1976!).

I love the Krista/Chris dolls - I've never seen anything like them - you're so clever!

I collect pre 1970 tea towels, pre 1970 American Playboy mags, vintage Alice in Wonderland/
Through the looking glass books, frocks, enamel brooches... uh oh, I could keep going for a while!

Sarah xxx