Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm dipped in pink

Ha ha Monday I had such a nice weekend I hardly care you arrived too early.  Mostly cool and gray here, the rain arrived Sunday, perfect time for sweater shopping.  Sticking to my new goal of NOT buying anything new for 1 month I headed to a few thrift stores.  I think I did really well and this isn't all of it, the rest is in the wash.

But first... let us mark this day on the calendar well actually yesterday because that's when I wore this....Oct.2nd the jeans came back out!  I am really going to try and wear dresses and tights more but I do love a COMFY pair of jeans with a sexy warm ultra soft sweater.

 I love this cropped sweater by GUESS, it's dyed exactly like my hair!  $4 at Goodwill. I wore a light pink tank underneath.  My pink and white polka dot belt I've had for years. Malibu jeans $15 I did buy these used, that's the only way to by jeans in my opinion.
My only other pair of Nikes besides those crazy purple gladiators that I will miss this winter. I think I paid $30 they were really marked down.

Here are some of the things I scored this weekend! All the sweaters were $5.
My favorite color combo pink and orange feels really thick and warm, cotton made in Hong Kong.
 I need more purple in my closet (huh Sandy!)
 Both of these are so soft and look really cute on.
 BUT the next dress was made for me.  You know that feeling as you are zipping up a dress and you know it's just perfectly tailored to your body.  Ah, this was one of those moments. $7, it's a Nicole Miller dress.  I love the colors and detailing.  It's hard to tell from the pictures but the fabric is a bit heavy and has a slight metallic sheen to it.

 Isn't the back sweet!

 I also found this pink and red Victoria's Secret slip for $5.  I will for sure rock this as a dress. MEOW!

It felt really great to spend so little and find such cute and unique things.  Thanks to all you thrifty women out there for reminding me that you don't have to spend a lot to look FRESH!


pinktutu72 said...

Oh I fell in love with your blog as soon as I read "You're never too old for pink hair" I just dyed mine pink and my father had a conniption. I'm 39. I love pink and I really like your layout it's so pretty. Also that cupcake scarf is awesome :)

Vix said...

Wow! I saw for myself how fabulous you looked in that fluffy jumper yesterday, it's so hot on you it hurts!!!
I love all your scores, the only knitwear I ever find in charity shops is in wonder I never wear woolies. That dress and the slip are smokin', I can't wait to see you rocking those babies in the flesh!
I LOVED talking to you yesterday, you absolute goddess. Who needs to spend cash on clothes whn they are as beautiful as you? xxx

Nat said...

Such gorgeous finds! That dipped pink tank sweater suits you perfectly :-)

La Dama said...

such great finds! love the striped dress and slip. you are going to look as good as a cupcake. love your pink cake hair. I am looking at all your pink shiny necklaces. I think I imagine a Little Twin Stars necklace hanging on your wall.

Gracias for visiting mi lovely.
Nice to meet you pinky lady.

VainGlorySinner said...

Oh Krista!

Those dresses are gorgeous! I love the striped one so much! I'm guessing that would look awesome with your glittery pink cowboy boots! The slip is way too pretty to NOT be worn outside!

You attract everything pink! The jumper (sweater) you are wearing is so very 90s with it being cropped, it's adorable! Peetee thinks so too!

The purple hooded jumper looks so cozy for the winter time. It's been grey and cold all day today.. a much welcomed escape from the never ending heat! xxx

pastcaring said...

A definite colour scheme going on here, Krista - you clearly love your pink, orange and purple, and you look fabulous in those colours. That little lace up dress is gorgeous. Can't wait to see you modelling all of your scores - good work!! xxx

Helga! said...

Holy SHIT you look fangdabulous in jeans! I had thought Vix rocked jeans best,but now I think you are both too HOT FOR WORDS!!!
Love all these darling bright new sweaters!YUM! And that Nicole miller frock is gorgeous-OMG can't WAIT to see you in it!Yay!
And YAY for bargains!! I'm a cheap biatch,so thrifting is where it's at for me!!! You can spend $20 and come home with 5 things-why on earth would you shop new,really?!


Pink is definitely your color! Can't wait to see you in the dress and slip, but also agree with Helga - you have the perfect figure for jeans.

Kitty said...

America so obviously has the best thrifts, I'd never find such funky stuff here! I swear I'm coming over for a shopping trip in a couple of years' time!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Sweater weather!!! The best time of year ever. You look amazing in the hot pink cropped one.


Misfits Vintage said...

I love them all - especially the one you are wearing - MEOOOOW!!! I also love the pink/orange/red combos - so fiery and sexy!

Sarah xxx