Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4S is good enough to eat!

 I can't wait to get the new iPhone 4S and lay my old 3Gs to rest.  Watch how many more pictures I start posting in my blogs!  It comes with an 8MP camera and new and improved optics plus I can shoot true HD video. With it's dual core chip same as the iPad 2 it's smoking fast! EWWWW!  I gotta find a cute cover!

I love these made by Luli.

These Hello Kitty are adorable!

Maybe I can do this myself, I could even practice on my old phone cover .
You know I am a fan of skulls, the one above is so cute made by Bubblegum Deluxe
and I do like bling :)

How funny is this skin made to look like a vintage radio.  Found at William and Cindy.
Am I alone in my love of MAC products?  I have an iPhone, an iMac and Chris gave me his old 15 inch
Macbook pro, I love them all!  What do you use?


La Dama said...

That is beyond adorable, I'm having a cutesy heart attack! true inspiration for baking a cake.
I know, Buddy and I are waiting for iPhone 4 and iPad too.

Vix said...

Wowsers, how blingy are those babies?
Knowing how clever you are I bet you could create something even more fabulous. They'd even make my ancient old brick of a phone look presentable!
I don't know what my PC is, it's so old it's almost vintage!!!
Love ya loads.

Helga! said...

OMG I'm so SEDUCED by these gorgeous things!!! Tooo divine, and I reckon you'll TOTALLY rock the best phone decorations ever!!!
I'm frightfully hopeless when it comes to technology!My cell phone is about 5 years old,a Nokia,and I like it because it has a torch!!!
My laptop is a,it has 4GB which is apparently good?! hahaha! I fancy something flash and styley like those phones you can do everything on (Ralph has one),but I'm frankly terrified!!! I guess I better watch and learn!!!

pastcaring said...

I'm so behind the door about technology, got a smart phone and have no idea what most of the functions are and don't use 'em... Those covers are pretty though - are you going to have a go at making one? Bet you could! xxx


I've never owned an Apple product, but would if I could afford. Rob is very anti apple, thinks they just rip off and swallow other companies.
I love gadgets, but kitchen gadgets are my thing.
I have an HTC smart phone, and a crappy netbook because my laptop broke.
The screen is so small and difficult to navigate. I struggle with my sub-standard technology!
Make your own cover - sweet and nasty would be a good theme!

VainGlorySinner said...

I am with LUCEWOMAN on never owning an Apple product! I once really wanted the iPhone when they were first released but spending over £400 on a mobile phone seems like madness to me!

My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S and I love it! It's my first android phone.

It currently has a True Blood wallpaper and the True Blood theme tune as my ring tone and a crow crowing as my text tone. It also has a nice purple leopard print pouch for when it goes into my handbag to stop it from being scratched by my keys!

Those covers are awesome, my favourite one has to be the 2nd Luli one with the green skull and bambi! How bloody adorable are they!? I want one so bad!!!

My laptop is a HP G56-116SA. It has a 4GB RAM and 500GB of memory and a Dual Core processor so it's perfect for lil old me.

My dream laptop would be an Alienware one! They are the most amazing things ever :| I'd be playing games on it all day long. If only I were a millionaire! xxx

Nelly said...

You can do it.Make a few differnt ones to match your clothes go on I cant wait to see what you create.Better still why dont you get all blogging buddies to send you something small to go on it then you will love it even more.xxxx


So sad to wake to the news of Steve Jobs' death. You must make a cover in honour now.

Anonymous said...

I was sad about Steve Jobs. I love my ipod just about as much as you can love an electronic device.
PS AHHH those Hello Kitty iphone cases! I love HK <3

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh make one yourself and do a tutorial for us! They are super fab!

Sarah xxx