Monday, October 24, 2011

My idea of fatigues

I so desperately wanted to do a Desperately Seeking Susan post after seeing how creative Vix, Sarah, and Helga were, but I just couldn't pull it together.  Instead I pulled out a really old camouflage dress that feels like I'm wearing PJ's.

 My attempt at BITCH face, I can't really pull it off.

I'm much better at smiles for miles :)


La Dama said...

I think you worked The Desperately Seeking Susan look with your pink hair and accessories amor!camouflage dress i so cool with your fab pink boots.
Your too cute, I'm sure your inner bitch self will come out soon.
I am loving your pink big-ass fuchsia ring.

Vix said...

You definitely worked it, baby! Accesorized to the max, like Madge in her prime. I absolutely love that camo dress, it's just a fabulous contrast with the hot pink and so Tank Girl-esque.
How amazing is that green necklace? I'm foaming at the mouth with envy!!
You couldn't pull a bitch face if you tried, you are so beautiful.
Love you! xxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I used to have a dress very similar to that - saw me through many a club night podium! My son just read this over my shoulder and is mightily impressed with your pink locks. He asked if it was your real hair!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh, and love your necklace too x

D♥R said...


Louise said...

That's a very Tank Girl look, I love it. The other day I was in a bike shop and saw all these Hello Kitty bike accessories... I thought of you. You work pink better than anyone I know. X

pinktutu72 said...

I loooooove your tattoos SO gorgeous! That dress looks great on you my daughter had one similar to it when she was in hs. You know I love the boots too!


This is one of ny favourite looks you've shown us. I adore camo.
Pink looks great with it, stops it looking butch or utilitarian.
Fantastic accessories, neckkace and flower ring are to die for!
Lookin super fit too, the dress is hugging you in ALL the right places.
Lucy x

Helga! said...

You are SO totally working it,baby!Sucj an adorable frock,love the lines,and camo and hot pink and cowboy boots?!Hell YEAH! Funky!Loving the jewellery,your taste in jewleery is heavenly,darling!
I love your smiles for miles!!!


Misfits Vintage said...

You are gorgeous, as always! I love the contrast of camo and hot pink and your jewellery is GORGEOUS. LOOOVE your boots and Peetee!

Sarah xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Ooooo I love that dress! Sexy urban commando woman! You should pair it with some army style boots, ripped tights and a military style jacket then you could give Tank Girl a run for her money!

Little Peetee loves to get in on the camera action with his mummy! xxx

Perdita said...

Camo + pink = suberb!

Better to struggle to do bitch face than, as I do, struggle to smile and look anything but simple. That's why I often do 'moody' shots when posting outfits hahaha! Oops my secret's out!

Pop Champagne said...

that ring is really cool! love your fun style!

Style Sud-Est said...

adorable as always! killer pink boots!

Ariane x