Monday, October 10, 2011

Pretty in pink of course

I couldn't get it together enough to join in the fun on Friday so I figured I could make everyone's Monday a bit brighter with this!  Remember that Victoria's Secret slip I bought?  Of course you do and here is me rocking it!

I wore this on Saturday.  The sun made an appearance and I was pretty happy about it!
I love my new used pink John Fluevog boots.
 I am also a sucker for Betsey Johnson handbags and anything with pink and skulls.
 Like my bangles?
and a lil skull necklace I made.
I had to run and get my parasol because it's so dam cute!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

  • VS Slip dress $5 op shopped
  • JF boots $90 etsy
  • pink leggings $10 retail years ago
  • pink heart shirt $15 retail years ago
  • pink sweater $3 op shopped
  • umbrella $6 retail (used it to look adorable in my wedding)
  • hat I can't remember
  • Peetee PRICELESS



Pink like you never seen pink before! It works so well. If more people dressed like you, there would be more happiness in the world. X

Anonymous said...

Omg that parasol is so amazingly cute! I love pink too and you look so good in it :) Betsey Johnson is one of my fav designers. I love the socks too :)

pastcaring said...

Ahhh, Krista, you are indeed a vision of pinktastic gorgeousness! Lucy's right, it DOES make me happy just looking at you!
That little slip is so cute on you, it all works great together, but Peetee is of course the best accessory of all! xxxxx

Vix said...

You are an absolute sight for sore eyes, I love it all. I knew that slip was going to be fabulous but worn with all the other pink bits I'm lost for words.
I LOVE that hat, too.
Send us some of that sunshine, will you?
LOADS of LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Ooooooooo PINK GALORE! The VS slip looks amazing with all that other pink loveliness! You could be the candy floss girl at the circus/carnival. I especially love that thick woollen cap!

I have a similar brolly but its leopard print with black ruffled edges!

Like your bangles? I LOVE your bangles, especially that purple and pink striped one. Amazingly cute!

Drooooooooling over your Betsey Johnson bag! We only have one Betsey Johnson shop in the UK and that's in London so they are nearly impossible to get! Betsey Johnson is one of THE shops I would love to go to when I finally get to visit America. All her stuff is so gorgeous!

Peetee looks so tiny and adorable, I wanna pick him up and give him a big kiss! xxx

La Dama said...

You luscious cake frost beauty.
I am love with your pink boots. Betsy Johnson bag is so pretty. love your pink skull accesories. drooling over your pink parasol amor.
I knew that you would rock the gorgeous VS pink slip.

Louise said...

Pink was made for you to rock it up. You look fab, and happy and bright. You make me smile. X

Nat said...

Very pretty in pink, missus!

Misfits Vintage said...

SPECTACULAR! I LOVE this entire outfit. You are the rockingest Pinky Tuscadero ever! I adore your bangles and BOOTS and parasol - well, everything actually. Exactly how many tricep dips does it take to maintain your awesome arms? You are a frickin supermodel!

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

Priceless is you too.Miss 5 just spotted you and said I want pink hair like her about 5 times (till I said Ok OK I heard you )lol

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Krista, yup pink is your color, i love it on you, so pretty - joyful, you!

Ariane xxxx

Perdita said...

I just popped over from VainGlorySinner's blog, she said you were colourful and I just had to visit!

I LOVE that pink outfit. Especially the necklaces, I'm a statement necklace addict.

Kitty said...

Oh you are both priceless darl, have a look at you! Those boots are hilarious, SO you, and I think I might have to kill you for that parasol if you were nearer, it's divine.xx.