Thursday, November 3, 2011

I finally got dressed to go to dinner

Great news all I have managed to find some BIG BUTTONS so I will start my DIY leggings this weekend.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I also have about 5 dresses and two jackets that need to be hemmed.  I'm not thrilled about that but I need to practice sewing more.  As soon as the weather changes I find myself wanting to be more creative.  I have a hideaway door in my kitchen that I want to paint a HUGE Hello Kitty on, that will be next.

I barely managed to pull off my sweats and throw this on to head to dinner last night.   I hate finishing the work day and it's already dark out.  Where did the day go?

 How do you like my new old coat?  I did so well last month at not buying any new stuff I think I will try it again this month.


Thick Threads said...

i love the hair bows! really cute! :)


Vix said...

I love that coat and bag!!! You look utterly beautiful and a sight for sore eyes on a crappy, wet Thursday afternoon!
I'm with you on the dark nights and being creative. Since Sunday I've dyed a handbag, made a dress and two pairs of trousers. It must be something in our stars.
I'm so excited about the leggings and the door decor. Can't wait to see the finished creations.
LOVE YOU! xxxxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Very cute bag and bows, you rock the pink'n'orange!
Looking forward to seeing your leggings and cupboard door, the creative juices are flowing nicely! xxxxxxxx


Purple+orange=happy Lucy!
Keeping the comment short - email to you planned!

Lucy x

Helga! said...

Oooo,nearly a crotch shot at the end!We're both leaning forward.....
Love that coat!Great colour and shape!
The Hello Kitty toaster is most amusing,as is the kitty in the bottom of the shot!Taking lessons from my babies!!! O,G wants to know,will the toaster take a whole kitty,or do you have to slice them up?!
Great jewellery,hair accessorising and general fabulosuness,you sexy wench!

Anonymous said...

Rofl Helga cracks me up! I had that toaster too! I really really want the waffle maker!! You look great:) I want pics of the HK door!!

La Dama said...

Love your coat and rainbow bag.
Ooooo in love with skull bows, did u make them?
Hello kitty door would look fab, your lime kitchen is so awesomely cool. Staring at hello kitty toaster.

Nelly said...

Love your new old coat alot. and I see you have a wonderful rainbow brite purse just perfect for you xx