Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bregenz Festival

When in high school I was a drama geek, heck even my degree is in film.  I love going to the theatre and really need to make this more of a priority in my life.  I think I just found the ultimate venue.  Have you ever heard of the Bregenz Festival? It's held every July and August in Austria on a floating stage on Lake Constance.  This seems like such a surreal experience, how can I make this happen?!?

Pretty amazing huh?
I'd love to celebrate life here with everyone I love watching some killer production.

The above was their last production an Opera called Andre Chenier.  The setting really leaves me speechless. Have any of my lovely overseas bloggers been, know someone who has gone???


Thick Threads said...

yeah the festival in bregenz is amazing, i live in austria and I have not been there yet, but my sister and brother in law where there last year and said it is just magical! so you MUST go! :)


pinktutu72 said...

Wow! That looks really neat. I like the last picture the best, it's so odd and beautiful at the same time.

Vix said...

Wah! Sorry, I missed this! Blogger is such a pain sometimes.
That festival looks fantastic, I had no idea you had a degree in film studies, Jon & you would get on a treat. Those sets look insane like they've escaped from Dali's imagination.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

OMG! This looks amazing!
I did not know you had a degree in film either.
You amaze me amor.

VainGlorySinner said...

OMG!!!!! This looks fucking amazing!!!!!! Surrealism at its biggest!

I'd absolutely love to go and witness this in real life, it looks like such an amazing festival and photo opportunity!

Just.. wow! xxx

Scarlett said...

Oh my this looks incredible!! Thanks for sharing, totally on my bucket list! Scarlett x