Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dumbells and drunks

Excuse my venting.
Yesterday I'm at the gym throwing some weights around you know getting my sweat on.  I don't wear my glasses there because I don't want to focus on anyone, I don't want to talk to anyone, I'm there to workout and get out. So there's this old dude who is always there he's super chatty, kinda annoying but so far pretty harmless.  Today I wanted to smack the crap out of him!
He wants to work into a machine with me so I say ok but OMG that is when I smell it, BOOZE, almost knocks me over!  He's all giggly talking about his cute grandson and looking at my boobs the whole time.  GROSS!  I do one last set and hurry off hoping he doesn't kill anyone driving home.  This is the same man who said to me a few days ago, "If I wasn't married." Apparently I am now at that age when dirty old men feel like they can hit on me, ENOUGH, outta my bubble!  All this on the morning when PENN State students riot over their coach being fired for allowing his assistant coach, a molester, to continue to prey on young boys. Priorities people!  It's not about football anymore it's about RAPE!!!!

Thanks for listening, now for some pictures! Here are some adorable sneakers that I would NEVER wear to the gym.  I look my worst at the gym, let's be clear on that~ I am not one of those girls.

These Nikes are so Miami Vice and they make me want a pina colada.
I love these orange and blue shell toes.
and this is a cool project, you can find out more here. I'd like Peetee and I to be buried in this j/k, maybe.

I have always been a fan of Tokidoki.  I have a purse, and laptop bag by him but the shoes have never felt right on my feet.  They sure are sweet though.

 I have been thinking about these boots for over a year now.  Does anyone have an opinion about rain boots? It rains a lot here, seems like reason enough, but are they uncomfortable? Hope your weeks going well, it's almost over.  YEAH!


pastcaring said...

Oh no, boozy old perv ogling your boobs while you are at the gym - NOT nice! He's got a nerve thinking he's anywhere NEAR your league, cheeky old bugger.
Love the bright zingy colours of those trainers. I am such a lazy sloth, I don't possess any.... Don't possess any wellies either (rain boots) so can't help you there, but others will know. Stylish dressing for crappy weather is a challenge, I find. But you always look cool, no matter what! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Stacey B said...

I bought rain boots last year. I've always oggled over them and decided it was time to have a pair. I got the brand Chooka...they have a ton of fun prints. Oh my god I love those boots. I wear them all the time!! They are super comfy and my feet have been known to be picky bitches so that says a lot!! Not sure about other brands but I love my rain boots!

La Dama said...

That old fart needs to back down!
should of kicked with your pink shoes.I love it when they hit on me cause my jerkness comes outeven more.
super cute rain boots.
I don't wear rain boots, I was thinking of buying some leopard ones ,but I feel like my ass will slip in the rain,lol
I am eyeing some steampunk botas.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww! For exactly that reason I ended up joining a women's only gym. I thought it was a bit corny to begin with but to be honest it takes away so many of the insecurities of going to the gym!

Perdita said...

I have wellies, I wear them a lot when it's muddy or snowy. Mine have rainbow hearts all over them!

Kitty said...

I can totally see you in any or ALL of those sneakers Krista, they are SO your style and you could always add glitter, right?! Dirty old men make me so sick, you have great boobs darl but it doesn't mean they're there for sharing!!!

pinktutu72 said...

Uhg this whole Penn thing is so DISGUSTING. Vent on baby! You should really report this guy what a jerk, and who knows if he might be dangerous.
Sneakers = badass like you

Helga! said...

I frigging HATE people talking to me when I'm working out! That's partly why I don't belong to a gym anymore! I'm a real lover when I exercise, and I look like crap-but who cares,when you're just sweating!I don't understand "those type" of girls either!!
Pervs.Ugh.Sometimes it's amusing,mostly it's not.G is a funny perv!
Rainboots?!When they are as cute as that-YES!Those look very comfy!I find standard ones aren't,but they're usually too flat for me.I'll wear them when necessary,no worries!

VainGlorySinner said...

Urgh what an asshole! You should have told the drunk twat to avert his eyes! I bloody hate pervy older guys! It's like they think they're gods gift or something but NO they are the total opposite! I had some idiot trying to chat me up whilst I was looking at his stall at the boot sale last weekend... THE BOOT SALE OF ALL PLACES! He asked me if he was scaring me to which I replied yes and walked off haha!

The wellingtons look adorable. I have seen some amazingly cute tokidoki headphones and always feel tempted by them! xxx

Vix said...

Ahhh, tell me about it. Doesn't matter if they're coffin dodgers or spotty teens I still get fed up with the dirty buggers perving me when I'm exercising, thinking it's making my day or something.
Those trainers are totally cool and wellies? I love them! Just make sure you've got some fabulous thick socks inside and you can wear 'em all day.
Love You! xxxxxx

Thick Threads said...

man you should have knocked that old guy out with one of those dumbells! pff! disgusting, i get it all the time too though i wort at a store so old men feel super chatty with me..ugh!

I loveeee the nikes! they seriously rule!! :)


Misfits Vintage said...

YUK! Gross old guys are GROSS! My recent handyman wanted to talk to me about all sorts of inappropriate things - BLLLEEECCCHHHH!

You would look FABULOUS in those awesome boots - I love them too but just don't know if I'd wear them. Those trainers, however, are DIVINE!

Sarah xxx

Tanya said...

eew that's so gross about the old perv! bring an ipod next time :/

Those shoes are a lot of fun. My boyfriend had some sneakers customized with comic book print before. Turned out great.