Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I want to thank you for letting me be myself, again!

I can't stand how commercialized holidays are these days.  I believe holidays are whatever you make them into.  To me, Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends, eat and drink way too much and reflect on all I have to be thankful for.

1) Top of the list is my health. This year I have felt better than I have in the last 5 years, that is pretty friggin special.

  2) I have family and friends who love me very much and are always there for me.
My sister and I with the man who raised me, Jim. The shit he has put up with!
Here is me and my Dad at my wedding.
My nephews :)
My BFF Kristi.
Her sweet daughter Madison, who I just adore.
Ron and Christopher, dear friends!
 Cathy first friend I ever made in Oregon!
Me and Keagan digging to China.
 My nieces who I miss very much!
My mother-in-law Patrice and her sister Aunt Norah
Kathi, Alex and Brianna they make me happy.
 My niece Haylen who I hope to have more adventures with!
Chris, the man who makes life worth living!

My momma and sister, they get me.

3) I made new friendships through my blog and I hope with some time that I can get to know these very special women better.  I feel lucky to have found my tribe.

4) I still have a job that I dig, for the most part, and I still get out of it what I put in and I like how that makes me feel.

5) I've had a creative year filled with new projects and new challenges.

6) I have animals who love me unconditionally and bring me a lot of happiness.

Chris is copying Peetee's zen like state!

I'm cooking a 18 lb. bird tonight and tomorrow we feast!  I hope to have some pictures for you when I return next week.  Much love to all of you and thanks so much for giving my blog a lil visit and for giving me so much love.  XOXO!


Kristi said...

Love you so much BFF!!! It warmed my heart and made me smile to read about all of the wonderful things you are thankful for. I appreciate you sharing yourself with us, and being my very own Rainbow Bright in a world that is, at times, quite gray. I am extremely grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Lady, I'll talk to you soon!
***Love & Hugs***

Perdita said...

Lovely things. :)

You should also give thanks for being so buff! Sheesh woman check out those ABS! KICK ASS!

Victoria said...

What a grand and happy family, sweet! Love your puppy's hair too! And the skull necklace is adorable. Happy Holidays and many more to come.


pastcaring said...

This is such a lovely post, Krista. You always seem such a positive person, who knows who she is and appreciates all the good stuff going on around - and you've just proved it again!
Love all the photos, especially the one of you doing that phenomenal leap on the beach. Excuse me for swearing but fuck me, you look HOT!

Now I need you to do me a little tutorial on how to make those flowers and bows and owls and hearts please! I want to make some stuff, and I think I could manage them...maybe? With support? And a personal tutor? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Awwww, this post made me well up a bit! You are such a lovely person. you radiate love & happiness and are loved by all you meet. Your smile is infectious and don't get me started on your bikini bod!
Good luck with that massive bird, have a few drinks to help you along and it'll all be wonderful.
Love you!

Helga! said...

Aw,I feel all gooey inside now...what a splendid and wonderful post! Thanksgiving should be world wide, and not just once a year! We don't celebrate it in NZ,I reckon I might just have to appropriate it!
I thank you for being YOU!
Love and squeezes!

VainGlorySinner said...

N'awwwww! Such a wonderful post! You have so much love and beauty in your life to be thankful for and a 18lb bird will do just the job!

(although I'm guessing he isn't very thankful!)

I love that picture of Chris and Peetee in the Zen pose, it made me LOL!

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!

Hugs! xxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Firstly I have to say that your daughter is adorable! It looks like you have such a great big family, aren't they the best! There are 5 kids in my family (well actually 7, but only 5 of us grew up together) and we all get on really well so at times like Christmas we all get to hang out in what becomes this mad house of laughing, pranking and general silliness. We don't celebrate thanks giving in NZ but you've actually given me something to think about!

Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving Krista!
Much love from the east coast,

Tanya said...

aww, such a great post! I loved the photo of you and your dad on your wedding day. Happy Thanksgiving!

pinktutu72 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Krista! You're a gorgeous chick inside and out :) I lovelovelove when you have a new post. I love your clothes, your hair, your jewelry, and your pets but most of all the brightest thing you own is your spirit and personality. PS I'm coming to your house to steal that cupcake thingie!!
Ps I love Anna Sui

Kathi said...

Oh how we love you too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nelly said...

That was lovley my pink haired rainbow bright bloggy friend xxx

Bombshellicious said...

Happy thanksgiving ... I so loved seeing all the pics xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I love this. You are so beautiful and creative, talented, passionate, smart, funny and inspiring, Krista! I'm so happy to have found you in the last year.

I looove the pic of Chris and Peetee out-zenning each other and the crazy-hot pic of you jumping in your bikini - HUBBA HUBBA!!!

Love! Sarah xxx

Daniel said...

I would like to kinda second Sarah's comment ! An add that I really LOVE YOUR PINK HAIR you know this already! And your animals are all so cute :3 !! Happy Thanksgiving !

Nat said...

Fantastic list and photos! Your heart is always in the right place...

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fabulous Thanksgiving post - you seem to have a lot to be happy about, great pictures of your loved ones, both 2 legged and 4 legged. I second (or maybe third, fourth...) all the comments remarking on what a happy positive person you seem to be. Long may it continue! x

Louise said...

Happy Thanksgiving lovely lady. You're photos look like you bring out the fun in people. A fabulous quality. Take care xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh feck me dead ... did you actually MAKE all those amazing accessories? If so, you are AMAZE-BALLS and what about the incredible button-covered pants - GAH!!!!!!!!!! These are some of the most beautiful family and friend pics I've ever seen and I don't even know those people you're connected to. You are a wonderfully, adorable, creative woman and most importantly, BRAVE - my kinda gal:) Big hugs to you Krista. xoxoxooxxo