Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mimosas and a fur collar

Sunday was a dreary cold wet day and Chris and I headed to my Dad's to go out to brunch and then give him some much needed tech support with his Apple TV. My Dad had nothing but chuckles for me when I arrived in this bright outfit, for a gay guy he's way too conservative if you ask me.

 Check out the fur collar I made after seeing how it easy it was on Vix's blog.  Thanks Vix!  I love it!
Here is a picture of me and my Papa Smurf and one of Chris too.

Breakfast was killer and I enjoyed my Mimosa and my biscuits and gravy!
and plenty of side eye :)
That's all folks!
and now for something totally unrelated.  When Chris and I were first dating and I knew I loved him and he was still trying to figure out what was wrong with me, he introduced me to this band VAST.  They have a song called, "Don't take your love away from me" and it really spoke to me, it still does, have a listen I hope you enjoy...and don't take your love away from me, please don't take your love from me. 


Vix said...

I'll never take my love from you 'cos I adore you! That's a beautiful tune.
Whassup Daddy? Your girl looks fabulous, the sleeves on that frock are sublime and I'm loving the blue fur collar.
I bet he & the gorgeous Chris are so proud of his real-life Rainbow Brite!

Helga! said...

Just look at your gorgeousness! I won't be taking my love away either!!!
Freaking love how you rock colour like no other,baby!YOWZA! Papa Smurf is adorable,he's laughing out of pure joy when he sees you!
I love mimosas! I tried biscuits and gravy last time I was in the States-weird!Your biscuits are like our scones that we have for afternoon tea,and the gravy is like the white sauce that we put on veges!! I love these little differences of culture!I kinda liked it,odd as it seemed!!

Thick Threads said...

youre so alive and full of color! i love these pictures! so happy to see your posts!



looks like you told that weather where to go!
I love the cooler colours on you just as much as pink. The lilac looked fantastic on you the other week, so does this blue - excellent mix.
What can I say about brunch? For once, my mouth ISN'T watering. Helga explained in a bit more detail what is is, but it still kinda looks like a school dinner (which is never a good thing!).
I'd probably love it if I tried it.

Your papa looks as though he has the same naughty glint in his eyes as you. I bet he's super-proud of you with your fantastic attitude, lifestyle, the gorgeous pampered pets, and HOT husband!

Lucy x

pastcaring said...

You look so fantastic, Krista - colourful and flowery and furry and cute and sexy and gorgeous and very happy!
If an outfit's getting you plenty of side eye, it's got to be good, right? Right!
The pic of you and your Chris is lovely.
And make sure you tell your dad that all your friends the world over LOVE your style! xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

I could never take my love away - I ADOOORE YOU TOO MUCH!

I love the insane fabulous colours - and that FROCK is GORGEOUS. Come on Pa - get with the funky program - your girl is INSPIRATIONAL!

Love that faux fur collar too - beautiful colour with your hair.

Love! Sarah xxx

Perdita said...

Super, super dress. I love the fluffy collar too. I must try one myself!

pinktutu72 said...

I love the song! You look so good in this outfit. You mix pink and blue so well (doing blue a favor ;) )
Yummy B&G!