Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A proper dress for pizza

The worst thing a gal could ever wear to eat pizza and drink beer are jeans.  I require maximum comfort when consuming colossal amounts of carbs! I picked up this DKNY dress used for $6, paired with some leggings and a lil sweater, I'm ready to go!

 I think the hat Vix got me looks rather nice with it!
 Gives it a little sass :)
 Also making an appearance my new leopard ring from Vix.

 I like big buttons and I can not lie, the others brothers....oh never mind.
PIZZA!  It was tasty I want more already!
Thanks for all the sweet comments and encouragement regarding my button leggings!  I'm determined to be wearing them next week.


Anonymous said...

BOOBLES!! PIZZA!! This is a GREAT post! I'm not usually a fan of DKNY but that looks really good on you (duh) I can never tell you enough how I looooove your hair :) And seriously that hat SERIOUSLY! I love it when I find you have a new post up! You're like watching Bugs Bunny.. no one gets tired of Bugs Bunny!


Good call on the jeans avoidance. My belly always swells when I eat pizza/pasta or drink beer.
Love the second photo, it looks so professional, its really pretty.
The hat looks great with the leggings, and is there a snake skin print on the dress - very nice.
Pizza always looks so tempting, I'd love to try that one right now.
Look forward to the button leggings reveal.

Vix said...

You are such a fox!!!
DKNY for $6? Not only a bargain but totally gorgeous to boot.
You look delicious, I'm surprised your dinner pals could concentrate on their pizza!!!!!!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Victoria said...

So true, jeans will not work for pizza. I love your little bolero sweater top, love the styling!

Helga! said...

Ugh,jeans or anything at ALL that's tight are just not good for delcious food scoffing!That pizza looks bloody YUM allright!
So do you,actually!Fab frock,love the cardigan!Great accessorising,those rings are all too die for,that leopard one is a fine addition to the collection!
I like big buttons TOO! gagging to see how the leggings turn out!Fun!
Love and gropes!XXXXXXXXXXXX

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ha ha ha this is so very true! I wear jeans a LOT but I also frequently over eat and end up sitting there with my top button undone. Classy lady that I am!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yep, when will I ever learn not to wear my skinnies when I eat curry or pizza?! Cute outfit today, you look very neat and sweet. Love the leopard ring from Vix

Nat said...

Very pretty (and wise) pizza-munching outfit :-)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You are so right about the pizza, beer and jeans combo. Jeans - not good. Love the outfit. Am also in love with your button leggings. I cannot wait to see what they look like on. They're looking pretty amazing already.

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE this outfit - the hat is PERFECT! Also that leopard ring... FABULOUS! Button leggings? Obviously I have missed something...

Love! Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

mmmm pizza Burp oops scuse me xx

Kitty said...

I reckon just about any hat would go with that fab hair of yours!!

La Dama said...

Great pizza hogging outfit!
love pink sweater boob shoot.
grey leggings look fantasticas, you clever biatch!
mmm pizza looks delish, I cant find great pizza here.
eyeing you big ass leopard ring.