Friday, November 4, 2011

Shiny knees look at these!

There are so many beautiful, unique, hot ass biatches in blog land that inspire me daily.  Isn't it great to know we are not alone in our ability to be comfortable with who we are? Which btw can change daily. We influence and encourage one another with our love of fashion and freedom of expression.  I'm so happy you have found me and even happier to have found you.  Now let's see some pictures :)

Desiree has made me love leggings again, not to mention metallic ones!
Vix sent me the most amazing package full of treasure, among the loot was this super soft gray angora Kangol hat. This is probably my favorite brand of hats and I now own 3 including this sweet derby style.  Thanks Vix I love it!!!!

 My pimpin' coat :)
My treasure from Vix included a sexy pale pink nightie, a cut off D&G spray painted turquoise denim jacket, my hat, a bright scarf and some gorgeous earrings that are my favorite colors, some leopard rings along with a killer Mexican prayer bracelet, gray polish some fake lashes and some Hello Kitty candy.  I feel loved and I love it!

Pink prayer bracelet, I can use all the protection I can get.

Check out the crazy detail on these ear rings.  I'm gonna treasure these forever!!!

 Life is so much better when you feel pretty and you feel loved.  Have I told you how pretty you look and how much I love you?  Well it's a lot!  Have a killer weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh shiny! I looooove the hat! That Vix chick has the best taste! How does she just KNOW all the things you'll love!? She's psychic! Or I think Dora would call her a prosti bruja! lol. All the ladies in blogland I've met are the most amazing women, so fashionable and FUN! That pink nightie is so pretty, and you got HK candies!

Vix said...

Well look at you, you hot ass biatch!! Desiree will be drooling in delight at those shiny metallic leggings, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and perfect with that frock, boots and trilby.
The coat is totally bitching and pimptastic. Zoe can't take her eyes off you.
You are loved because you are fabulous!!
have the best weekend, love ya. xxxx

pastcaring said...

Well, Vix IS a legend with her perfect parcels of pleasure!
You look amazing, those leggings are wonderful on you (and so Desiree), the hat is really cute, and all your goodies are just right!
You are right, the blogging community is so positive and inspirational, and the support and friendship from all the wonderful women out there does indeed do you the world of good!
Have a great weekend, love! xxxxx

Scarlett said...

Oh my go your pimping coat is bloody amazing - you look fabulous! Got to adore Vix, she always knows what people love and she's come up trumps on your parcel, its all beautiful. The hat looks brilliant on you. Hope you have an amazing weekend chick :o) Scarlett x

Miss Magpie said...

God I LOVE those leopard rings!

La Dama said...

I love your pimp shiny prosti outfit!
Vixcita is the queen of all perfect gifts, i just love her and my blog whores. All of you inspire me in someway or another.
I have several of those mexi bracelets, cant get enough if them.
I better see you wearing that nighty for us in. All your glory.
Have a great weekend


Well you and Vix sure swapped some amazing gifts this week!
Those leggings suit you so much, and they pep up the outfit beautifully. Love the coat, earrings,hat, the rings, the bracelet (my big boy has a green one) and love you for being so positive and thoughtful.

Have a fantastic weekend - wish I was joining you for lasagna.

Lucy x

Tanya said...

That coat is amazing!!! LOVE IT.

Yay for getting packages full of really cute stuff. It's like Christmas :D

Pearl Westwood said...

I agree Desiree has the most amazing leggings and Vix is always fabulous! Loving your leggings they are HOT! Which has inspired me to dig out some of mine!

Louise said...

Your blog really spreads the love though, your such a happy fun person and your blog always makes me smile. I love your pimp coat, huggy bear lol. Have a great weekend. X

Nelly said...

Luv you 2 my pink loving friend stay tuned for a post you will like tomorrow.

Helga! said...

SUCH beautiful words,my darling!!! I can't believe what a wonderful bunch of inspiring wenches I've fallen into!
FECK ME but you are SO working it,baby!What a FANTASTIC frigging outfit,and as for all those wonderful treats from my beloved Vix!!!???PERFECTION! The woman is absolutely a bruja!Without question!
Treats for the sweet!

Winda Tiodang said...

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Misfits Vintage said...

That hat is KILLER - and the pimp coat DIVINE and the shiny leggings FABULOUS!

Vix is the witchiest voodoo mama with her amazing Parcels of Joy. I LOVE that prayer bracelet and I hope we get to see you model that fab nightie!

I feel the same - so SO lucky to know you!

Sarah xxx

Daniel said...

Metallic pink LOVE You're #FIERCE

Kitty said...

What amazing earrings, I'd treasure them too, Vix has got you pegged!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh. My. God. That is the most amazing parcel and everything is clearly handpicked for our darling Krista!!! The pink nightie is gorgeous and the earrings - gah!!! I have a black prayer bracelet but I have never seen them in pink - sooooooooooooo gorgeous and so YOU!!!! I'm ready to fly over there and nick those metallic pink leggings off you right now!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

VainGlorySinner said...

OH MY GOD! That coat is to DIE for!! If it were mine I'd be wearing it all year round! It's divine!! *drools*

Vix has sent you some wonderful things! Nail polish, lashes, jewellery, sweets! What more can a girl ask for?!

The earrings are beautiful! I have a similar pair in a dark navy blue with silver embellishments!

I love the pink prayer bracelet.. now to find one in purple.. :D xxx